What Are the Best Crypto Payment Gateways in 2023?

What Are the Best Crypto Payment Gateways in 2023? Is Investing in a Single Coin or a Crypto Index the Superior Strategy? 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency A Few Crypto.com Basics An Inside Look at Dogecoin Over a Year Understanding the Usefulness of PKT Cash Crypto2020 Cryptocurrency Trends You Need to Know - Executive Chronicles
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ExecutiveChronicles | What Are the Best Crypto Payment Gateways in 2023? | Are you interested in having your business accept crypto payments and would like to learn
more about crypto payment gateways? These are merchants that make it easy for your
company to accept transactions that use crypto. In modern business, these gateways are
able to facilitate both the buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Why Should Your Business Accept Crypto?

Why should your business go out of its way to install a crypto payment gateway in order to
accept such payments? There are a number of different benefits that come with using
cryptocurrencies such as increased transaction speed and lower costs. However, one of the
most prevalent is the increasing popularity of crypto. A quarter of Americans have invested
in crypto, which means that if your business is not accepting such payments, you’re denying a large number of prospective customers access to your organization. Not to mention, keeping on top of the current value of different currencies has never been easier thanks to websites such as OKX which lay out current prices clearly. For instance, if your organization accepts the use of Ethereum, then you can check out the Ethereum current price index at OKX. So, with all of this in mind, what payment gateways should your business be using?


Coinbase is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the US and is also one of the largest
global cryptocurrency exchanges too. There are a lot of users, both individuals and
businesses, who use Coinbase and because of this, they offer some fantastic features which
make accessibility and use of the software a lot more straightforward. Coinbase is originally based in the US and as such needs to adhere to all the different laws on currency exchange that are set out under US federal law. Having to adhere to such rules and regulations makes it one of the most trustworthy exchanges on the market, something which can’t be taken for granted given crypto is unregulated.


The app that Coingate offers is very user-friendly and gives merchants the ability to set up
and monitor crypto payments from their mobile phones – a function that is very handy in
today’s world. There are 40 forms of crypto accepted by Coingate so your business will not
be limited in what its customers are able to use to pay you. Not only that but there are also
plugins on offer that allow for the creation of crypto payment buttons on your business’s


Finally, CoinsBank is a user-friendly payment processor that allows for the use of
cryptocurrency. It has a very good reputation within the industry and is able for businesses
and individuals to download for free from the app store. This gateway accepts the majority of traditional currencies including the EUR, GBP, and USD. It also includes a one-click
instant deposit and withdrawal feature, which is very handy for traders who are going to be
working with a large volume of crypto.