What Are the Benefits of Using a Qui Tam Lawyer as an Employee?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Qui Tam Lawyer as an Employee? The Grievous Consequences of Not Clearing a Bench Warrant How to Find Lawyers in Moorabbin You Can Count On
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ExecutiveChronicles | What Are the Benefits of Using a Qui Tam Lawyer as an Employee? | Employees that witness their employer engaged in illegal, unethical, or fraudulent activity can report their practices to the government as a whistleblower. If you find yourself in this position, you might be conflicted about acting against your employer due to the legal or career implications their retaliation could have on your current employment. Although United States law offers protection to whistleblowers at federal and state levels, having additional measures in place to safeguard your legal interests is always a good idea. One such option to protect your legal rights is to hire a qui tam lawyer as an employee to handle any lawsuits against the fraudulent employer, shield you from potential retaliation, and provide excellent legal assistance as needed. Keep reading to learn more about qui tam law and how having a lawyer can help you during and after the whistleblowing process.

About Qui Tam Law

Qui tam law enables private citizens or realtors to report illegal, unethical, or fraudulent actions of an individual or entity against the government by providing financial incentives. Under the qui tam law of the United States, you are entitled to receive a part of any funds the government recovers due to your complaints against fraudulent activity. The most common financial frauds covered under this law include federal medical assistance programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), government funding or grants, and more. When employees report such activity, they directly or indirectly save the government a significant amount of money and might be entitled to a financial reward for their service.

Benefits of Using a Qui Tam Lawyer as an Employee 

Here is how having such a lawyer can help if you are considering whistleblowing related to your employer’s illicit practices. It’s best to keep track of the details and understand the steps necessary to help build a case. Once you have taken these steps, you will be able to reach out to a legal professional who has all the qualifications to assist you.

Expert Legal Assistance

A lawyer can guide you through the complicated legal process of qui tam, especially if you have no prior experience with whistleblowing. Additionally, they can safeguard your legal rights and take measures to handle any retaliation from the employer if the need arises. They will be able to keep track of all the details that can be overwhelming for you. A legal professional knows your rights and understands that you deserve compensation. They understand what needs to be done and will do so promptly.

Maintenance of Confidentiality

All lawsuits about qui tam law are confidential and have their records sealed. This can seem extreme but it is an important rule to follow depending on the type of case. These records remain confidential until government intervention in the case. In such circumstances, a qui tam attorney can help you maintain confidentiality and protect you from any retaliatory actions of your employer. There is no need for your employer to know every detail of your case and they shouldn’t have to. Keeping this confidentiality is important as this is your case, and you can decide who needs to know. If your employer cannot respect that then that is a serious problem for your qui tam lawyer to handle.

Financial Compensation

If your qui tam lawsuit is successful, you might be entitled to receive a portion of the amount recovered due to your complaint. A lawyer can help you obtain this financial compensation and get the financial incentive you deserve for your service to the government. You do not deserve to be in fear of your employer. Your lawyer will make sure that you get the justice you deserve promptly. 


If you are an employee who wants to blow the whistle regarding the illicit actions of your employer, you can safeguard your legal interests by hiring a qui tam attorney as an employee. Your lawyer will provide you with excellent legal assistance, help maintain confidentiality throughout the qui tam lawsuit, and help you navigate the complicated legal process of exposing your employer’s fraudulent activities. You can consult a reputable law firm that specializes in qui tam law to consult with a lawyer before taking any action against your employer.