What Are Business Insights and Analytics?

Business Insights and Analytics

ExecutiveChronicles.com | What Are Business Insights and Analytics? | Data, insights, and analytics are the three most thrown-around words in the business world. What do these words mean, and how are they related to each other?

Essential data and analytics build off each other to deliver business insights and wisdom. These insights help leaders and business owners make the right decisions and boost productivity.

However, you can’t obtain these business insights without analyzing the right data. Getting business insights is a three-step process. You have to collect the data, use analytics tools to analyze it, and then interpret the available information.

Read on below to better understand what business insights, data, and analytics are.

What Is Business Data?

Business data is the information you get from users and customers. This information may include their demographic information, activity on a website, names, and purchasing behavior. In today’s world, we have access to more information than our human minds can process.

The right data acts as a solid foundation for your business. However, analytics and insights will help you build the beams and supporting pillars to grow and develop the business.

With numerous access points to the internet, collecting data and storing it has become quite stressful. Big data is the new trend as companies are increasingly collecting information from numerous channels. These channels include emails, mobile applications, and websites.

Unfortunately, making sense of the collected data points is quite difficult.

What Is Business Analytics?

Analytics is the detection and discovery of trends and patterns gathered from your business data. Without analytics, collected data is useless and can’t be interpreted. You need analytics to make sense of your business data and uncover significant trends.

There is a lot of valued information buried in big data. Unfortunately, most businesses cannot unlock this information without the help of analytics.

For example, your company’s mobile application may tell you that you sent over 13,000 push notifications in April. This data alone is not helpful to your business.

With the help of an analytical tool, you could dig through the data. You can then find out how many messages were sent to each user and the open rate. You will have the essential information you can use to improve the user experience.

What Are Business Analytical Insights?

Business insight is the value you get when you use analytics. Business analytical insights are quite powerful. They will help you identify opportunities to enable growth.

For example, your business’s mobile application may show that you sent four push messages per user in April. The messages resulted in a 20% increase in sales. This information is essential to help your business grow.

Now that you know that sending push messages increases your sales, you can test out different variations to maximize the monthly sales.

How Powerful Is Insight-Driven Business Marketing?

The value of business data and analytics is their ability to deliver actionable and rich insights. You can collect millions of data points; however, it won’t be valuable to your business without the means to analyze, digest, and organize this data. Analytics allow you to pull out valuable insights from the data.

Below is a real-world example of how powerful insight is to business marketing for an eCommerce website:

  • Data will show that your site users had 3,000 sessions in the past month
  • Analytics will show that 1,400 out of the 3,000 sessions were from people using Android phones in the U.S.
  • Insights will reveal that the people using Android phones are 30% more likely to make a purchase than those using iPhones

You will need to know why Android users are more likely to purchase than users with other types of phones. You should also look at why iPhone users are less likely to transact on your eCommerce store.

One problem may be that the credit card form on your website is not as useable on iOS phones as it is on Android phones. If this is the case, your primary goal will be to fix the form and increase your conversion rate among iPhone users.

You can use analytic tools such as software or applications to help with such revelations. These tools will deliver instant insight to aid in your decision-making process. Some applications will even help you predict which users are likely to make a purchase and which are not, based on their online behavior.

Lack of User Engagement Results From a Lack of Insight

Today, businesses are experiencing a user engagement crisis because they work blindly. Many companies fail to take advantage of the data available to them. So they miss out on the resulting value of insights.

Business insights delivered through data and analytics allow brands to create meaningful relationships. It also helps create better engagement opportunities and boosts market intelligence.

Take advantage of your data analytics to know your customer and grow your business. Ensure you use your application and business website’s data to drive insights.

Why Should You Opt for Business Analytics?

Business analytics is one of the most powerful tools in today’s market. Data, analytics, and insights have numerous benefits to companies.

According to research, companies use the data to boost cost and process efficiency. They also use it to drive positive change and improve their financial performance.

Below are three reasons why you should opt for business analytics.

You Will Make a More Informed Decision

Business data and analytics are valuable resources to many businesses. This is especially true when important strategic decisions are involved. For example, when upgrading your payment method, they will help you know the best one.

You can use prescriptive analytics to determine whether your new payment method is more effective than your initial one. Through A/B testing, you can determine whether the updated payment method offers faster service and has a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Increased Sales

Embracing data analytics will help your company experience increased financial returns. According to research, companies that invest in data analytics experience a 6% increase in profits. This investment increases to a 9% increase within five years.

This study illustrates the clear financial gains that come from an effective analytics strategy. As analytics become more and more popular, many companies stand to benefit from big data.

Improves Business Operational Efficiency

You can also use business analytics to perfect business operations and processes. Companies use predictive analysis to predict operational and maintenance issues before they develop into larger problems.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Business Analytics and Insights Solutions

Outsourcing business analytics and insights solutions will help you maximize your profits. It will also help you develop interlocking and practical capabilities. So you will gain the value of the data at hand.

You can do this by:

Analyzing Numerous Data Sources and Conducting Business Research to Gain Insights

Ensure you use both internal and external data to identify actionable insight. This will help you upgrade and improve the necessary gaps in your services. Outsourcing business analytics helps you get faster and more accurate results.

Professionals such as Peter Dodge Hanover Research will help you get high-quality business analytics services. These analytics will help you seize available opportunities and make an informed decision.

Designing Business Programs and Websites Based on the Generated Insight

The team can work with forefront users and business leaders to develop effective internal processes. They will also develop effective business culture and incentives. These incentives will use the insights for profitable and better decision-making.

The team will create programs that will focus on your company’s biggest value-adds. The programs will balance ease of use with complex designs.

Ensuring Company Experiences Both Long-Term and Short-Term Growth Based on the Insight Generated

Outsourcing allows you to develop simple tools to provide training for the users. You will be trained on how to use these tools to extract valuable insights from complex data points. You will also have access to professionals with a wide range of software languages.

Are You Ready to Harness the Value of Business Insights to Foster Growth?

Data, insights, and analytics work together to help companies grow. They do this through better understanding their consumers, services, and products. Data and analytics rely on each other to drive business insights that can help a business grow.

Today’s organizations are always collecting data. So it’s essential to understand what this data can do for your business. Are you ready to foster business growth by using actionable business insight collected from analyzed customer data?

Ensure you take advantage of the data available to you. This will help you optimize your sales, streamline your services, and look for ways to improve your company.

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