Whale & Dolphin Conservation: How You Can Help

Whale & Dolphin Conservation: How You Can Help

Whale & Dolphin Conservation: How You Can Help | Are you a fan of dolphin, gray, humpback, and orca whale watching California? Thanks to pollution, international commercial whale fishing, shipping, and other overfishing, whale populations have dwindled to dismal numbers. The key to preserving what whales and dolphins remain, and possibly help their populations grow, is conservation. If you feel powerless in the fight to save the whales, take heart; these suggestions for how to make a difference are readily available to everyone who wants to protect ocean mammals and other sea life.

Keep It Clean

The amount of waste, from chemical runoff to single-use plastic, has overwhelmed oceans around the world. Whales, along with other ocean life, are put at risk every day because of these environmental hazards. Make it part of your daily life to limit single-use plastics, including grocery sacks, straws, and plastic utensils, all of which can find their way into the water. Recycle or reuse items whenever possible to limit the amount of trash you create, and try these other ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Drive less to slash CO2 emissions
  • Buy local to limit your reliance on international shipping
  • Fly less frequently for business or leisure
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products to prevent chemical pollution in the water
  • Decrease the amount of meat and dairy you consume

By embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can take better care of yourself and the world around you, including beloved whales and dolphins.

Educate Yourself

You may not realize the precarious situation that whales and other sea life face. That is why contacting agencies and non-profit organizations that emphasize whale conservation is so important. If you are able, donate financially to these programs that work tirelessly on behalf of these magnificent creatures. Spread the word to your friends and family as well and encourage them to do the same, especially if they enjoy whale watching San Diego as much as you do.

Practice Safe Boating

Whether you are chartering a private boat or take part in a group tour in open waters, book with companies that that whale protection seriously. The federal government has protocols under the Marine Mammals Protection Act to safeguard sea mammals, but they only work if everyone follows them. Ask your favorite whale watching tour group if they adhere to these guidelines, including boating at a slow speed, maintaining a safe distance from whales, and limited the time of each encounter to avoid stressing the animals. It is better to observe animals in the wild rather than in captivity, but remember that you are in their habitat.

Contact Your Lawmakers

One of the most effective ways to generate real action is through policy change. Talk to your politicians to see if they support whale and dolphin conservation. Speak up when you have a platform or begin a letter-writing campaign in your local coastal area to make sure federal guidelines are enforced.

If you want to see blue whale vs humpback populations grow, you may have to get your hands a little dirty. If everyone plays a part, however, these small changes can amount to big victories in the battle to save the whales and other marine mammal species.