Wealthy And Wise – 6 Habits Common Among The World’s Most Successful Salespeople

Most Successful Salespeople 6 Habits Common Among The World's Most Successful Salespeople 10th Philippine HR Summit

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Wealthy And Wise – 6 Habits Common Among The World’s Most Successful Salespeople | Salespeople spend their lives selling products and services. Not everyone is cut out to be a salesperson, but successful ones possess common attributes or have similar habits that help them achieve their success. Below, we explore several habits that successful salespeople practice. 

  1. Successful Salespeople Connect with Others on a Personal Level

Successful salespeople connect with other people on a personal level. They conduct research, learn everything they can, and build relationships with others based on a common situation they both share. 

For example, a good salesperson will use social media with pinpoint accuracy. Whether it’s talking about the weather or actively selling a product, their use of social media is precise and expert. 

Once contact is achieved, a good salesperson will reach out periodically to see how a client is doing or how their experience has been with a product or service. They may send gourmet corporate hampers or something similar as a “thank you” for being a loyal customer.

  1. Successful Salespeople Hustle When Times Are Tough

While less successful people tend to hunker down only while motivated, genius salespeople hustle and work harder to make things happen, no matter what. Life is neither fair nor safe, but it does reward those who hustle and take risks. Successful salespeople have a sense of buoyancy and determination about them, and they know how to go after it, whether they’re feeling motivated or not. 

  1. Successful Salespeople Constantly Build and Foster Lasting Relationships

Successful people know the importance of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. They like to think of themselves as relationship farmers, constantly nurturing, caring for, and doing the day-to-day tasks it takes to grow a plentiful harvest in the long run. 

  1. Successful Salespeople Do Their Research

Successful sales people use social media platforms to research their prospects before reaching out. For example, they use LinkedIn to find out the basics about a person, like where they went to school and where they work. Next, they use Facebook to learn more about what the person likes and dislikes, such as their favorite places to eat and what TV shows they watch. Finally, a good salesperson might use Twitter to track their tweets and retweets and the types of people they follow. The various social media platforms hold volumes of information that any good salesperson can use to their advantage. 

  1. Successful Salespeople Are Resilient

Most salespeople realize they’re going to be turned down, and that not everyone will be receptive to their sales pitch. Successful sales people are resilient and can pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and continue with the task at hand, no matter how hard they were knocked down. It’s all part of the game and any smart salesperson will learn from their mistakes to come back stronger after each setback. 

  1. Successful Salespeople Don’t Feel Sorry for Themselves

There’s no room for pity parties or an “at least I tried” attitude in a good salesperson’s repertoire. They keep going until they get it right because they know they don’t get paid just for trying. They get paid because they get results. 

The best salespeople are hardworking, go-get-’em types who don’t quit just because someone says “no.” Not everyone is cut out to be a salesperson, but if life’s path leads you to a sales position, the common habits of successful sales people listed above may help you achieve success in your own career.