Ways to fund your next travel

Credit: stocksnap.io

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Aside from TV commercials of leading banks, it’s very rare to know friends or acquaintances who actually have travel fund.  Perhaps, it is because people go for trips spontaneously or if they have extra money to spare.  Thus if they want to tour and don’t have extra money, they’re force to borrow or empty your pocket.

There are tons of motivations why some individuals love to travel while they can.  On the other hand, you can also give acceptable reasons not join in their bandwagon. However, do you think you really don’t have money for getaways or vacation?

You have extra money for shopping, but not for travel?  Shopping is not a problem at all if you need what you buy.  A lot of yuppies actually go to malls just for fun and sometimes impulsively shell out hundreds or thousands of pesos in the end.  If you can only minimize your journey to shopping centers and put those hundreds in your travel fund, maybe you had already enjoyed five days and four nights in Batanes.

Can you exchange some of your movie time? Cinephiles have ways to watch films and they don’t necessarily be moviegoers all the time. If you watch in movie theaters more often than usual because of your peers or you’re just following certain stars out fanaticism, you better divert your attention and expenses into something else. If you travel, the main star is none other than you and whatever you spend for it is an investment in yourself.photographer-407068_640

Hiatus in your weekly gimmicks.  It’s not about hiding from your cliques or brothers, but from an unhealthy expensive routine [at least for a while]. In fact, instead of meeting every weekend in clubs, you and your friends can plan monthly or quarterly grand vacations.  Save money now, enjoy luxuriously later.

There are other usual activities you can minimize and exchange, at least for a while, of keeping money. If you do it consistently, then traveling occasionally is not an issue for you.