Ways to Help Ensure You Have a Happy Staff

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ExecutiveChronicles|Ways to Help Ensure You Have a Happy Staff|Going into a job you aren’t happy with is one of the worst forms of torture that you can bestow upon yourself. We’ve all experienced this firsthand, but since you’re a business owner now it means something different to you than it used to. What are some easy, yet effective strategies to ensure that you have happy, contented employees working for you?

Work Perks to Boast About

What motivates you to do well beyond your own desire to succeed? Well, for starters, you went into business for yourself to be happy doing what you love and to make money doing it. Isn’t that what others are looking for at work too? Make your small business one that applicants are competing to be work for so that when the time comes, you have resumes in your inbox worth reading. 

Competitive Pay

Too many Americans are overworked and underpaid. Although it’s easy enough to pay your staff minimum wage to save a buck, remember that in most cases you get what you pay for. Offering pay at a competitive rate can get more qualified applicants interested in your job posting, which in turn makes for top-notch employees. If you are your own human resources department and don’t have a clue how to calculate pay, check out burden calculation tools online to help you get a better sense.

Medical and Dental Benefits

Insurance packages are a much-sought-after commodity by anybody looking for a job. If you haven’t already, meet with your business insurer and check out rates for medical and dental insurance policies. Though pricey, it’s worth the money to help protect your employees and their families — plus it makes for happier workers.

Paid Time Off

Who doesn’t love getting paid to work even when you’re not there? Offering your employees the chance to accrue paid time off can be a strong motivator to come in every day. Plus, a nice, hard-earned vacation is the least that they deserve after everything they’ve done for you and your business.

Create a Stress-Free Environment

Easier said than done, right? While it’s impossible to make any workplace 100% stress-free (it’s not called work for no reason, after all!), there are methods to help at least reduce stress in the workplace.

Develop a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Bullying

It would be nice to say that all bullies stayed in middle school, but it’s an unfortunate reality that some adults never grew out of their bullying habits. Make it clear to your staff that you will not put up with bullying of any kind in the workplace and that anybody caught or reported doing so will be terminated immediately. This signals to everybody that you have their back, which all people appreciate in a supervisor.

Allow Casual Wear

Although business casual is what most companies go for at work, why not relax the policy? It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want workers to come into work wearing their pajamas, but at the same time why can’t yours wear jeans and a t-shirt? Nix the business casual dress code and let your staff wear whatever they want. As adults who understand the working world, they should be able to use common sense in picking their wardrobe.

Be Understanding

Remember that time you were really, really stressed out and your boss was a jerk, stressing you out even more? Don’t be the boss in someone’s memory like this. Of course you know the line between “understanding” and “doormat” can be a fine one, but even so, remember that life happens sometimes. Tires go flat, kids get sick and burst pipes flood basements. Emergencies happen in real life, so be understanding when a worker calls out to deal with one.

No matter how long you’ve been in business, there are some universal truths about work. Try implementing little changes here and there to make your company one that your employees are happy at and proud to work for.