Ways to have stress-free, good vibes at work

Credit: Bethany Legg/Unsplash

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Good vibes encourage passion and enjoyable attitude towards work that in general make you stress-free.  Though it’s not like an instant coffee that you can stir and sip, positive aura is achievable if you desire and determined to have it until become naturally part of your system.

  • Eat healthy and energizing food. Weight is an issue, but knowing your munching healthy snacks is another concern. Nutritious snacks are not necessarily blunt and expensive, it where to buy and how you’re going to prepare it. For example, you can’t last a day without eating one or two cups of rice. Instead of white rice, eat brown rice that according to Reader’s Digest has “three parts of fiber-rich grain kernel.”  Fiber is good against problem in weight gain, bowel movements, blood sugar.  What you intake inside your body is in fact, affect your stamina and mood so eat wisely. Another recommended energy boosting foods are nuts and whole wheat bread.


  • List your biggest dreams, next to your daily goals. Writing your to-do list boost your productivity for the day, but you can also uplift your spirits throughout the week or month if you constantly reminded of you ultimate dreams and you want certain direction of your life. Thus, it pays to have board where you write or doodle things you’re dreaming about.
  • Stretch or walk once in a while. Laziness doesn’t only feel unproductive, but also feel simply negative in the long run. However, being lazy is not usually intrinsic. It’s a result of being sluggish and idle first that comfort you so it likely become a habit. Break this bad habit and breathe good vibe by stretching and walking once in a while at work.  According to Mayo Clinic, stretching can keep you away from injuries and joints problems, but improve blood flow and muscles performance level.

    Credit: Pixabay
    Credit: Pixabay