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Image plays an important role in general, but this is especially important in the workplace. The image you convey in the workplace can determine whether or not your peers will take you seriously. More importantly, you no longer just represent yourself but also your company, so you must remember to take that into account when determining your image. First impressions are always important, so as you enter the workforce for the first time, it is best not to take chances and really invest in your overall look.  One way to improve your look and impress your peers is through a nice timepiece.

Watches are multi-functional in that they not only tell time but are also statements of your style and what you represent as a person. Your watch can indicate if you are an athletic individual, refined, luxurious, or a minimalist, so it is important to think about what you stated you want to make with your watch before diving in and purchasing one. 

Take Your Work Environment into Account

Think about the kind of workplace you are entering and take that into account when selecting the watch you will be wearing. If you are entering a corporate office, it is best to look at dress watches instead of athletic ones since you will often be wearing office attire. Try not to get anything too overbearing or over the top as this may draw unwanted attention to you. If you will be moving around a lot of work in the fitness industry, you might want to look at something sporty. If you will be sweating, best avoid leather straps and get something easier to clean and wash with water.

Think about Functionality

Watches nowadays can do so much more than tell time. Take into account the lifestyle that your work-life requires and try to maximize your timepiece for it. For example, if you know that your job will require you to travel between two places a lot, try and consider a watch with a dual time zone complication in order to easily keep track of time wherever you are. If you start losing track of the days because you are working so hard, you can get a watch with a day and date complication. For jobs which require time studies, you will need a watch with a chronograph or stopwatch. There are many other complications out there which you may find a purpose for in your line of work, so do a bit of research to find the ones right for you.

First Job and Beyond

The first job you get is often a stepping stone to your future. More often than not, the industry you enter and the type of job you get will be similar to where you end up in the future, be it through promotions or through finding better opportunities elsewhere. Though you may choose to eventually move on from the current job you find yourself in, something that you can take with you wherever you go is the watch you invested in. Watches are unique in that they are accessories that stand the test of time. Keeping track of the most valuable resource at your disposal, time, is always going to be important no matter where you end up. So, when picking your watch for your first job, try to pick something that will always be a classic. A good tip here would be to keep things simple as those types of watches go well with anything and rarely go out of style.

As you enter the workforce, you will face many challenges, trials, and tribulations, that will test you and your ability to overcome them. Facing the real world is daunting and maybe intimidating, so it is best to prepare yourself as much as you can for the road ahead. Getting a timepiece that will accompany you on your journey is just the start, but it is a good step to take in order to put your best foot forward from the onset. The Watch Store is a great place to get started as they a great collection of timepieces that fit both your needs and budget. 


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