How to wash the car at home like a pro


Justine Keller, Executive Chronicles |  One can save a lot of money every year washing car at home. Many people think that they can’t wash their car like servicing center or car repair shop. It is quite time-consuming and expensive to take your car to the servicing center every week. You also have to spend a lot of money when you give your car to the servicing center. If you use your car on a regular basis, you need to wash your car at least once in a week. Regular washing can make your car look like a new for a long time. It can also help your car functioning well without any trouble.

But there are many rules and regulations of washing a car. You should know which things are used on the car and which not.  You can wash your car like a pro using the proper technique of car wash. In this article, you will get some tips which will help you to wash your car like a pro.

Check the condition of your car

The first step of washing your car is to check the condition of the car. If you have not wash your car before, you should know the basic of car washing. You will get many tutorials on the net about washing car. The washing procedure of new and old car is different. Moderate washing is required for the new car. You have to wash your new car to maintain the wax and polish of it. But if your car is old, you need to give more time to wash your car each time. While washing your car, you also have to look if there is any repairing required for your car.

Choose the car washing products

After evaluating the condition of your car, you need to look for the car cleaning products. Different chemical, brush, soap, etc. are used for car cleaning. Before using any chemical products or spray on your car, you need to read the label. The application of different products can vary. The quantity of the chemical or spray should be taken with care. You need to wear gloves while washing your car with the chemicals. You need to use the clay bar, microfiber cloths, and soft brushes to wash your car. You will get a wide range of products on market to wash your car. But you have to be picky while choosing the car washing products for your car.

Wash your car

After choosing the car washing products, you need to concentrate on washing your car. You should start cleaning the interior part of your car. The floor, seat, dashboard, etc. should be cleaned in a proper way. After cleaning the interior part, you have to focus on the exterior part. Cleaning the exterior part of your car is more difficult than cleaning the interior of your car. You have to restore the shine of the car with every wash. You have to wash the car with delicate hand so that any scratch marks can’t be found on your car. For the car washing special type of detergent is used. This detergent or soap is mild. They don’t leave any scratch mark or fade the polishes of the car.

Polish and waxing

After cleaning your car you have to work for the polish. Polishing with the conditioner on the outer surface of the car, you can restore the gloss of the car. You should also polish your car before waxing. After waxing, spraying the polisher or shiner on your car, you can lock the shine of your car for a long time.

So, these are some simple ways to clean your car like a pro. But the regular wash will not help you much if you don’t use the cover on your car. Using car and truck covers are must while leaving your car in a place for a long time.