Why Do We Wake Up Late During Rainy Days

Wake Up Late During Rainy Days

Executive ChroniclesRainy Day! Lazy Day! We all love to sleep, right, studies show that people who have sleep issues get better sleep during the rainy season. The rain helps us get some quality sleep.   But have you ever wondered why you can’t wake up with the same energy you had when you went to sleep?  Here are certain points which makes you reluctant to rise and shine on a rainy day.   


Our body is a biological clock that regulates our sleep cycle. There are a lot of factors that can affect the sleep cycle and weather is one among them. Our body is trained in such a way that once we see the sunlight in the morning, the brain will kick start its duties. If it is a rainy day, the hormones that are responsible for waking you up will not elevate and thus makes you feel sleepy. The memory foam mattress sale also increases during the rainy season as it can adjust to the body temperature even during the rainy season.

Rhythmic Noise

A piece of slow, rhythmic music is something which can make you fall asleep within no time. When our body relaxes, the brain starts sending signals to the body to take some rest. As a result, we all will start yawning which is the first step towards sleep. Listening to the rhythm of the rain can make you feel relaxed and is one of the strongest reasons as to why you cannot leave the bed in the morning. A cosy bed with a comfort mattress like Wakefit can give you the extra warmth with the background pitter-patter of rain! What a Perfect combination?!

Hormonal Changes

The human body has a lot of hormones, each having different functions. The hormone that is responsible for making you sleep is called Melatonin. The body’s sleep/wake cycle is regulated by this hormone. Lack of sunlight during rainy weather can disturb the Melatonin’s functions and the hormone will not start functioning unless it gets natural light. As a result, you will be more reluctant to get up. 

Bedding Accessories

It is true that if you have the perfect bedding accessories, you will not feel like getting up.  It is the rainy season in which people invest more in buying the bedding accessories which can provide adequate warmth.  With bedding accessories from the best mattress brand in India, you are sure to get the required sleep you always yearned for. 


The smell of the earth on a rainy day can be quite sedative. A chemical called geosmin is created when the plant secretes oils after rainfall. The scent comes when the oil mixes with the wet soil which is a very soothing smell that can relax the mood and prevent the body from getting up from the bed.

Tips to get up from bed on a rainy day

It’s true that you will feel reluctant to get up from bed on rainy days. However, you cannot lay there for an entire day because of the commitments we have. Here are some tips you can try to overcome the laziness.

  1. Try sipping on some coffee. The caffeine will lighten up all the hormonal levels and you will be out of the bed in no time.
  2. Hitting the gym is a good excuse to get yourself moving.
  3. Taking shower in the morning can wash away all the sleepiness and you will feel as fresh as a daisy.
  4. Keep the window blinds open in the night. This will allow even the feeblest of sunlight to enter the room.
  5. Never skip your breakfast! The morning energy source is quite important to fuel up your entire day. 
  6. You can also turn on the radio, or even slide through the morning newspaper. 

Diverting your thinking is an effective remedy to get up from the bed.