Virtual Business – How Virtual Offices in The Philippines Can Help Your Business

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Sarah Williams, Executive Chronicles |  With increasing improvements in modern technology, the way in which we conduct business is changing. With the internet keeping us ever connected and ever ready, outsourcing, going remote, virtual assistant and location independence are all the business catchphrases of the times. But is this virtual business the future of work?

Virtual offices are very much becoming a modern reality. With The Philippines recently overtaking China in terms of economic growth, expanding into in the archipelagic nation is sure to be of benefit to your business. With a virtual office, you can video conference call into that important meeting from the beach in Boracay or anywhere else that takes your fancy. When it’s time to choose from all the virtual offices in the Philippines – Servcorp are the industry leaders.

But how can utilising a virtual office help your business? Read on to find out.

What Exactly is a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices provide a very real facility. Generally, they offer services like the use of a prestigious business address which normally includes mail storage at that address and forwarding to you should you desire. There’s usually the option to add a dedicated business telephone line with professional call handling, as well as the help of virtual assistants and when needed, access to office and meeting rooms for real-life business interactions.

Think of it as a virtual or remote team of staff helping an entrepreneur to run a business from a distance, giving them the freedom to operate their business from anywhere digitally through the internet and/or the phone. Harnessing the power of modern technology!

How Can this Virtual Way of Doing Business be of Benefit?

They Boost Your Business Image While Saving you Money

Gaining access to a prestigious address in Makati City’s Ayala Avenue shows potential clients that you can rub shoulders with all the big business players in Manila. You can use the virtual office’s address on all your business correspondence and promotional materials as well as your business card. Your business’s image and credibility are instantly boosted leaving you with the benefits of a prestigious office location without having to fork out the huge costs of an actual office.

They Offer Convenience, Flexibility and Speed

Contracts for virtual offices are usually on a month to month basis and you can tailor packages to suit your needs. If you don’t need access to a postal service for your business type you can simply not opt for this. If you do need postal services you can add this on, and you only pay for the services that you actually use. This offers the utmost in flexibility. You’ll be able to log in to your virtual office 24/7 so it couldn’t be more convenient. You get instant digital access from the moment you sign up, so there’s no lag time and you can get to work straight away.

They Come Without Administrative Hassle

When you utilise a virtual office, you don’t have to deal with things like employee payroll, holidays and sick days. You also don’t have to worry about setting up telephone and internet connections. A virtual office takes out all the administrative hassle leaving you more free time to get down to business.

Why A Virtual Office is the right Choice for your Business

With the unique combination of convenience and flexibility, virtual offices are fast becoming the office of the future. With access to prime business locations at affordable rates, virtual offices are a smart and cost-effective solution for your business needs. Without expensive overheads weighing you down, you can set your business up on the right foot from the start.