The Use of Infographics in Link Building

Use of Infographics in Link Building

ExecutiveChronicles | The Use of Infographics in Link Building | Just like road signs display just enough information that’s easy to read, infographics also communicate complex data in a clear and quick way. According to HubSpot, this visual tool topped the list of best-performing digital content marketing tools in 2016. A hot favorite of white label link builders and digital marketers, infographics are certainly here to stay.

Through what follows below, we’ll help you understand the use of infographics in linking your website to high authority websites and blogging channels.

Infographics – A Valuable Tool for Link Building and SEO

Infographics refer to the visual presentation of information to depict relevant content. They are generally published to explain complicated messages by using the elements of design. Infographics appeal to readers in a big way as they enhance the comprehension of any given information in a crisp and pictorial way. According to experts in guest blogging service from OutreachMonks, Infographics are different from the regular images used as an extension of textual content in blogs and articles. They are specifically designed keeping SEO link building tactics in mind and convey self-contained principles or messages effectively.

High Shareability of Infographics

It is a fact that pictures, images, videos, and infographics are more likely to be shared on social media than posts that contain mere text. Out of these, infographics are the most popular of the lot and are often shared up to three times more than other pictorial or dynamic content. This feature of infographics makes them eligible for link building opportunities with high authority websites, influencers, and blogging sites. In other words, they are very likely to earn backlinks because of their high popularity quotient on social media and high Domain Authority (DA) sites. Apart from this, if you are interested in buying high quality backlinks then indexsy would be the perfect option in this regard.

Use of Different Types of Infographics

You will find infographics dominating the link building campaigns and white label SEO by Outreach Monks in almost all industry verticals – research and development, government portals, medicine, engineering, the corporate sector, and so forth. There are infographics targeted to influencers with expertise or specialized knowledge as well. The main types of infographics are as follows:

  1. Cause and Effect

These infographics are in the form of graphs that depict causal relationships between the conceptual and physical stages of any information. For example, the causes of the greenhouse effect and how they impact global warming.

  1. Chronological

Chronological infographics are a pictorial depiction of a process or event as it occurred in time. It presents information in the form of a timeline to help readers assess the temporal relationship existing between various stages of any process.

  1. Quantitative

Quantitative infographics are used for showing statistical data in a quick and clear way to readers. The graphics are usually in the form of bar graphs, tables, charts, pie charts, and lists.

  1. Directional

Infographics can also be used to navigate people through information. Diagrams, graphs, tables, symbols, icons, arrows, bullets, and numbers are often used for communicating such information. The common examples being scale maps, navigational aids, and traffic symbols.

  1. Product

Product infographics convey the features and benefits of products to prospective customers with the aim of increasing sales.

Hire Link Building White label SEO Services

Invest in well-researched and SEO friendly infographics to take your link building exercise to the next level. The guest blog designers at Outreach Monks will help you chalk the way forward in the most convenient way. Get in touch with these professionals in the field of guest posting and link building, today.

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