Upholding people’s will is key to post-Aquino stability, economic advance: Romulo


by Kyla Camille, ExecutiveChronicles.com |

Pasig Rep. Roman Romulo today said a High Court decision upholding the people’s will, shall ensure political stability and sustain the country’s economic advance after President Aquino steps down in June.

“As we begin the New Year, let us not forget the recent lessons of our history. When the people’s will is tampered with or thwarted by whatever means, governance is impaired and economic gains lost,” he stressed.

“We are once again at a crossroads and the stakes are supremely high. I implore the justices to consider not only the letter and spirit of the law but also what history has taught us in deciding the fate of Sen. Grace Poe,” Romulo said.

The Supreme Court has scheduled on Jan. 19 the oral arguments on the Comelec decisions disqualifying Sen. Poe and the appeal of Mr. Rizalito David on the Senate Electoral Tribunal decision validating her natural-born status.

It has also quashed a motion seeking the deletion of her name from the Comelec list of presidential candidates in the ballot.

“The lessons of 1972, 1986, and 2004 show that the ship of state will flounder, if not sink, when a tainted president is at its helm. The surveys have shown that Sen. Poe clearly has the support of a critical mass of our people, ” Romulo pointed out.

“Those who have the power to influence the course of our history can ignore that at the country’s peril. For indeed, it is not only the fate of Sen. Poe that is at stake here, it is the country’s as well,” he said.

Romulo had earlier praised the High Court for quickly acting on the petitions for a TRO on the Comelec’s twin rulings, validating his faith on the Tribunal as the court of last resort.

He reiterated his call to let the voters decide on the issues raised against Sen. Poe.

“With utmost respect to the Supreme Court, the issues raised against Sen. Poe should be resolved with finality by the electorate when they cast their votes in May 2016,” Romulo said.