Understanding Ways How Web Designing Is Inspired by Instagram

Web Designing Is Inspired by Instagram School-Website-Design

Instagram’s monthly active users exceed thrice the entire population of the U.S.A. These are not just casual users but engaged users who would be sharing pictures, stories, and even videos every day. As per https://99firms.com, brands are leveraging this global social media platform for showcasing their unique products, humanizing their messaging, and reaching their prospective buyers.

According to Forbes.com, thanks to the highly visual characteristic of Pinterest and Instagram, these two platforms have become the ultimate destination for getting design inspiration and making buying decisions. About 72 percent of the Instagrammers have admitted that they have actually made beauty, style, fashion-related purchases after they came across the item on Instagram. Instagram has not only been showcasing design ideas and inspiring consumers, but it has also, played a pivotal role in educating consumers. We know that Instagram as a social media platform is well-known and popular globally because of its total emphasis on imagery. The underlying concept of this unique and innovative social networking site proves to be an important lesson about the approach that various businesses must implement while designing their websites and even marketing their products online. The consistency and quality of pictures used on websites must be maintained.

Picture Quality

Web designing must concentrate on showcasing high-quality pictures that could grab the attention of web users so that they could respond positively. Businesses must realize the importance of including more photography in their website and they must take the fullest advantage of the value which is associated with high-quality online imagery. Focus on using only top quality and high-resolution photos on your website and social media platforms.

Minimalistic Approach

Web designers have realized that a cluttered website would never draw the attention of consumers. For good website design, you need to eliminate all distractions that may be compromising the ultimate UX or user experience. Web users are always looking for information so they should be able to find what they are looking for quickest possible. Avoid additional widgets as they may be the reason why users would bounce off the moment they arrive at the site.

Role of Instagram in Website Designing

Web designers get to learn a lot from Instagram. They have actually learned an important lesson of using the site more frequently. Instagram has inspired businesses to showcase their products and designs in an attention-grabbing manner. Instagram has always used top quality pictures to grab the attention of Instagrammers. Businesses could easily gain followers for Instagram if they know how to showcase their products using stunning imagery.

Vital Levels of Exposure

Instagram is a superb option to include in web design, especially if your budget is giving you a hard time when it comes to pushing via marketing. Instagram will expose your business to the entire world, and the best part is that you have full creative control of all the content that the public gets to see. It is a platform that will permanently hold your online presence and let you adapt your brand image as you desire. Customer targeting has never been easier or cheaper.

Get to Know Your Customers

Instagram provides a detailed insight into who your prospective customers could be, and what kinds of content they expect or would like to see. Once you have a grasp of your audience, you just have to serve them valuable content. Use analytics to drive your campaigns and see how far-reaching your Instagram posts are, how well you are faring against long and short-term goals and how you can adapt or pivot to do better. 

Boosting Online Traffic

Visuals are a major part of the appeal of Instagram and attractive posts will certainly bring plenty of customers to your page. Once you get a lot of visitors, you are likely to see a lot more traffic on your website. A solid stream of quality content will establish your credibility for years to come and organically boost your rankings on SERPs and your bottom line.

Conclusion: Building a Robust Online Presence

The Internet, does, in fact, resemble the marketplace of ideas, in that you have to promote your idea and your product really well to ensure it succeeds because its inherent quality is not necessarily enough to guarantee success. A strong online presence will make your brand instantly recognizable. This way, consumers get to see what you have to offer before reaching a decision on what to purchase.

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