Understanding the Key Differences Between Online Traffic and Online Leads

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ExecutiveChronicles|Understanding the Key Differences Between Online Traffic and Online Leads|There are few assets more valuable to your business in the digital age than your website. For your company to truly thrive, a strong web presence is key. Of course, many business owners struggle when it comes to determining the best methods for improving the way their businesses are promoted online. To truly take advantage of what the internet can do for the future of your business, you need to understand the basics. Knowing the differences between online traffic and online leads, for example, can make a huge impact on the success you see.

Give yourself the opportunity to look over these simple facts on taking control of your web presence. With a few adjustments, you will soon be able to see a world of difference from your efforts.

Traffic Jam

To get started, it can be quite useful to take a look at your online traffic. Essentially, this is a term that refers to the visitors that your company website sees on a regular basis. This is the main number, including visitors that arrive at your landing pages from a variety of different sources. While this information is often given to you as raw data, you can take these numbers and break them down in a variety of useful ways to gain a bit more insight on your website performance.

Business owners will often take the data they are provided from analyzing their online traffic and quantify it in practical ways. In many cases, it is useful to understand which of these visitors are repeat viewers and which are visiting your site for the first time. Understanding whether or not a consumer has been to your website before can offer you some invaluable insight on how you should be attempting to convert the browser into a customer. Often, general attempts at improving your traffic will result in more visitors, though there are ways to make your tactics more specific.

The Right Leads

While online traffic is often quite generic, you can get a lot more specific with your analytics by taking a look at your online leads. There are several key differences between the casual online traffic your website receives and the leads online that are discovered through research. Essentially, a lead is someone who has been to your website before. Unlike a return visitor, this is an individual who has likely made a purchase from your website already and is more than inclined to make another purchase.

In most cases, a lead on your website is defined as someone who has visited before and has left proper contact information in order to be provided with future emails on sales and promotions. You might be collecting email leads through a number of tactics, including using gated content or creating a membership for your repeat customers. Focusing on your leads can be more rewarding in many cases, primarily due to the fact that these individuals are usually showing a vested interest in your company in advance.

Picking the Right Fit

Both online leads and traffic can offer your business some vital benefits. Which data set is more valuable will come down to what your exact goals are with your website. If your primary objective is to convert more casual browsers into longstanding customers, then you definitely want to put a lot of your energy toward your leads. However, if you have a generic goal centered around seeing more organic visitors to your site, you can focus more on bumping your traffic through various marketing tactics like PPC ads and other options.

In truth, you will see the best possible results from your efforts by focusing equally on traffic and leads. For the most part, it is impossible to get leads without increasing traffic first. Likewise, you need to encourage casual visitors to actually commit to making a purchase after several visits to your site. Learn to balance these two areas and it will be a lot easier for you to start seeing the results you are after.

Find the Best Solution

In the digital age, it is more important than ever for you to understand your company’s web assets. Take time to look into what tactics will help you reach your goals and discover what is possible for the future of your business.