Types of Portable Structures

Portable Structures

A portable building is a structure designed and built to be movable rather than permanently placed.According to research, portable buildings come in different types and styles. Furthermore, they are cheaper to construct compared to permanent structures and most of them are built using recyclable materials. To select the right portable building, you need to consider factors such as your budget, the mobility of the structure, size requirements, and site requirements.

Most portable buildings are built in factories under predetermined conditions before being transferred to the site for completion.Portable buildings can be used as warehouses, sheds, shelter rooms, security check posts, laboratories, or even retail stores.

Here is a list of standard portable buildings you need to consider:

Prefabricated Wood Buildings

This type of portable building is constructed from different types of wooden planks and plywood boards. They are prefabricated from the factory and then transported to the site for assembling. Based on research, portable wood buildings are made from lightweight and high-strength wood to ensure portability and long life.

The exterior of these portable buildings is coated with weather-resistant paint to offer protection against water and excessive sunlight that may damage the building. For a smooth finish, the floor is covered with thick plywood boards or vinyl floor tiles. Interior designs are done according to customers’ choice and preference. The bestthing about wood buildings is that you have the option of customizing the structure to suit your needs.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are commonly used for commercial or industrial purposes. Modular buildings are made from wood, concrete, and steel, which are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and assembled on-site.

In addition, Smart Space Relocatable Buildings are versatile and come in different shapes and sizes. Apart from being made from lightweight and high-strength steel or aluminum, they can be customized easily and assembled within a short time. For quality purposes, building designs are lab tested to ensure that the structure lasts for an extended period. Based on research, a quality modular building should last up to ten years.

Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Moreover, steel buildings come in different options. Some construction companies have a small selection of floor plans and few customized options. Others provide an unlimited number of ways to customize and build your desired steel structure.

Steel structures are robust and can withstand severe weather conditions.However, for high quality and long-lasting steel structures, skilled labor is required. The base of steel structures is layered with a thick layer of fiberglass for insulation against electric shock. Furthermore, the floor is reinforced with thick plywood sheets while window frames and door openings can be fitted with metal, plastic, or wooden doors and windows.

Steel and Fabric Buildings

Steel and fabric buildings are best suited for commercial and agricultural purposes.Since in most cases, they are used to store corrosive materials, people consider them to be environmentally-friendly and durable.

The material used in the construction of these structures are primarily steel and fabrics such as canvas.