Twitter Lifts 140 Character Limit


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Twitter announced in a tweet on September 19, 2016 that it is implementing changes to its 140-character limit. A similar announcement was made last May, that would mean ample room in getting your message across.

Users” “tweets” were limited to 140-characters, forcing people to be imaginative, by shortening words or closing the space between a period and the next thought.

The changes will not make creativity to completely disappear.  Addressing users (@replies) and media attachments (gifs, photos, videos, polls or quoted tweets) will not be counted against the 140 characters limit.

Users will now enjoy quoting and retweeting themselves. Twitter enabled the retweet buttons for a user’s own tweets, to help users, when they feel like a really good tweet went unnoticed.

The new Twitter changes will now help business owners better post information and interact with customers.

The change will help cut down on unnecessary two-and-three part tweets. The elimination of the @reply character count means better customer service and general interaction with the people keeping your business moving.

Business owners should take this into consideration when communicating with their followers going forward.

People want to convey tweets fast, easy, simple and expressive and that is the reason why Twitter is now looking at giving their users a better experience.

Watch the video below:

The latest Twitter changes are part of a series of moves introduced since Twitter founder Jack Dorsey rejoined the company as chief executive last year designed to make the service easier to use. This has included allowing users to retweet themselves and Twitter polls.

Twitter is also planning to remove usernames from the 140-character limit in replies, and will be testing the feature in the coming weeks.

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