Turn Shatter into Vape Juice

How To Make Wax Vape Juice vape juice

Shatter can be described as an extract from cannabis plant materials and solvents from cannabis plant materials. When you turn shatter into vape juice, you get a better experience as compared to smoking.

It forms a solvent which is transparent and has wax-like consistency. 

It is considered one of the purest form and cleanest cannabis concentrate. 

Due to their characteristics, you are able to turn the shutter into vape juice.

With this, it means that you can turn the shutter into vapor form. The common types of vape juice include;

  • PG e-Liquid
    • VG e-Liquid
  • Salt nicotine e-liquid  
  • Hemp oil vape liquid

The vape juice does not contain any chemical combustion, and therefore, its flavor is not like an actual cigarette.

One of the best methods that can help you turn shatter into vape juice is by the use of a wax liquidizer. 

This is due to the simplicity and the fast process that is involved in turning the shatter into vape juice.

Wax liquidizer is commonly used because of its great results of vape juice that has sweet aroma.

Many people that have done this process can attest to the fact that they had a nice experience. You can also get cheap percolator bongs for sale online.

Vaping shatter has widely increased in the modern world because it can help smokers achieve different flavors ranging from original, ice hit, strawberry, Pineapple Express, grape ape, and banana OG. 

Vape juice does not affect the human lungs, and therefore, you will have a good healthy pair of lungs when you use it. 

Vape cartridges have helped many individuals because of their free State of mobility and comfortability when carrying them wherever you want to.

Henceforth you won’t have to disturb people with paper lighters and pipes.

There are different methods of turning shatter into vape juice. These methods include a slow method, first method, and the use of  THC cartridges.

  • Slow method

Under this method, you need to have several tools put in order to achieve full results.

You can achieve to turn the shutter into Vape juice with these materials.

The following are basic requirements: 

0.5-gram shatter, a medium glass, a heating pot, a metal dab tool, a needle, natural terpenes, and finally diluent.

Once you have all these materials, you can start the process by following the steps pointed below:

Step 1: Using a pot that has a small amount of water, create a double boiler, and use an empty glass to place over it.

Step 2: Heat the double boiler to about 80 degrees Celsius. You can also use a thermometer to ensure that the water is heated to the required degrees, though the thermometer is not a necessity.

Step 3: Pour the water into the empty glass and leave it for 5 minutes for it to melt.

Step 4: Add the diluent into the glass jar with shatter and leave it for a little while, like another 5 minutes.

Step 5: Ensure you stir the combination until it disintegrates.

Step 6: Add the natural terpenes and finally use the needle for extraction.

  • Fast Method 

It is referred to as the fast method because it only takes 60 seconds to turn the shatter into vape juice. 

The materials that are required under this method include; 0.5 grams of shatter, a small glass, natural terpenes, a metal dab tool, a syringe, and diluent.

Use the following steps;

Step 1: In the small glass put the gram of shatter 

Step 2: Add the diluent approximately 1ml

Step 3: Heat in a microwave for 10 seconds

Step 4: Stir combination to dissolve entirely

Step 5: Extract the vape juice using the syringe 

  • The THC cartridges 

This method is a lengthy process because it involves the use of tools such as weapon syringe transparent glass flavors the THC cartridges come with pre-filled vape oil which is pursued in industries that help you turn shatter into vape juice. 

The vape juice is readily consumable and does not involve any craft.

The use of natural terpenes makes the vape juice even more potent than cannabis terpenes. 

This also gives you a better high experience. 

When you extract the vape juice using the syringe, you can utilize vape pens because of their ability to retain their flavor. 

 Before you can consider using them, consider your health when using a vape pen, a person can only consume 5 grams of the vape juice in a month.


Many people advocate for using slow or fast methods because it only takes a short time to prepare the vape juice.

The benefits of vape juice are that they can offer fast results because of their increased ability to enter the bloodstream.

Henceforth you won’t use a lot when vaping. It also means that when you vape, you will not be exposed to chemicals that can be harmful to your body. 

It is also beneficial because of its characteristics, which enable the vape juice to last longer. If you are a go-getter, a self-starter, I hope this article shall guide your experience to turn shatter into vape juice.