How to Turn Your Focus from Weight Lose to Good Health

By: Ana Margarita Olar |

There are so many weights lose trends today. There is physical fitness class, weight loss class, diet pills, diet tea, and equipment, all promising to help you lose weight.

But because of this, one important thing seems to be forgotten- that is good health.

Try the following tips to achieve good health rather than lose weight:


Everyone has flaws. We are perfect with our imperfections. You should first accept this fact. If you want to improve your physical aspect, you also have to improve other aspects of your life. Emphasize on the “improving” rather than “changing”.



How do you measure good health? Is it by always checking your weight and feeling disappointed afterward? Is it by counting the calories that you’re eating? How do you feel when nothing seems to change?

Change your goals from losing weight, to developing good habits. This includes avoiding cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and junk foods. This can also include developing positive actions such as running, walking, and doing workouts.


People who always criticize are stressful to handle. There are so many people who will criticize you. So stop criticizing yourself. This will not lead to good health; rather, it will lead to frustrations and negativity.

Don’t focus on how flabby your arms, how big your waistline, or how unsexy you are. This will not help you. Focus on your positive qualities and use it to develop positive habits that will improve you as a whole person. Don’t try to fix your weaknesses, focus your efforts on using your strength to achieve your goal in life.


If you are not hungry, don’t consume it. If you are full, it’s okay not to have dessert or not to finish your dessert. To achieve good health, choose raw fruits and vegetables. Choose lean meat and avoid processed foods. Don’t eat based on the intensity of your emotions. If you are happy, laugh and celebrate.

If you are depressed, have someone to talk to. If you are angry, vent it out by running or working out. Eating is not the answer to all your intense emotions.


Again, don’t strive to be perfect. You’ll never achieve anything if you strive for perfection. Achieve good health by listening to your body and give what it needs. Some of these needs are ample rest, nutritious foods, adequate hydration, and physical challenge.

Lastly, if you want to achieve good health, you have to change our mind-set. Having a positive attitude despite the negativity must be the ultimate goal. Yes, it means shedding off some pounds but it is not the focus. The focus is how to live your life and realize your fullest potential.