The Truth about Direct Selling


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Another growing side-hustler business is direct selling. Freelancers sometimes earn the most income already than those who have a regular day job. Curious how to excel in direct selling? Read the truth about this expanding business.

There are a lot of ways to earn with direct selling. Sometimes it really depends on the company you’re working for, or the brand you are selling. A lot of new direct sellers looked out for established and known brands so that it is easy to sell the product. Much like choosing a food franchise. Sellers rely on companies who’s not new in the market. Direct Selling differs from online selling and having an onsite store in the mall. It is more of a personal approach; wherein direct sellers go directly to the customers. The effort of “chasing” the customers takes a lot of dedication to the career.

Direct selling can be successful in these ways:

1. Earn by Commission

Depends on the brand or company, but some, aside from the regular earnings on selling the product, there is additional “commission” when targeted quota is reached.

2. Customer Engagement

Direct selling is earning the trust of your customers. You sell it to them upfront and let them understand your product. What happens is that they test it, consume it all and probably wants to buy more. It’s a high chance that they will buy again from you. Building a good customer relationship pays well.

3. Customer discounts

One of the customers’ weaknesses is discounts. It’s always been an old trick or a usual sales and marketing strategy even at the malls. Direct sellers can extend a small discount with their products. If you give discount to a lot of customers, still you have a lot of buyers, you may reach your quota. Discounts can be tempting to customers, so if you can, extend a discount, there’s a tendency that customers will buy again from you.

4. Freebies

Next to discount are freebies. “If you buy ‘this’, I will give you a free umbrella.” This is another old strategy but it really works most likely. Giving your customers free items makes them feel more special and as if they get more than what the paid for.

One pitfall you want to steer away from in direct selling is when your prospect customers run away from their payments. Follow your mentors, ask for a 50% or 70% down payment. This is to make sure, of course, that your customer will still pay for the balance. Don’t forget to make your customers trust you too, be genuine and be knowledgeable with your product. Present them different products or new products if there is. Direct selling needs a little bit more effort and excellent customer service. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.

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