Truck accident prevention strategies – Staying away from fatal accidents

Truck accident prevention strategies - Staying away from fatal accidents
Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

 ExecutiveChronicles | Truck accident prevention strategies – Staying away from fatal accidents | Due to the mammoth size and significant power of trucks, they can be especially dangerous on roads. It is needless to mention that a vehicle, which is massive in size, when collides with a smaller vehicle, the consequence can be devastating. This is the main reason why drivers of smaller cars should know how to drive safely when they are around trucks to help avoid severe crashes that can also be fatal. 

If you ask an experienced Vegas truck accident lawyer and he’ll tell you how closely familiar he is with the disastrous results of truck accidents. They might have also represented clients suffering from life-changing injuries like spinal cord dislocation, amputations, and even paralysis. 

So, to avoid truck accidents, here are the precautionary steps to follow.

  • Keep more space when you’re behind a truck than you would with a car

When you’re following a truck, your visibility is blocked because of the fact that you’re behind a large vehicle. Large vehicles restrain your visibility and hence you won’t be able to view any construction or waiting traffic or poor road conditions. This is why experts advise you to leave enough space between the vehicle and the truck. You’ll be left with better opportunity to react if you have to suddenly stop. 

  • Be highly cautious while passing a truck

Whenever you cross a truck, be extra cautious. Large trucks are not able to stop as fast as smaller vehicle. Neither can be maneuver as easily as cars. So, they need more time to adjust their speed and react to sudden obstacles. If you’re the driver of the smaller vehicle, you shouldn’t pass a trick while going downhill or uphill. Try to cross a truck through its left side so that the driver finds it easier to see you. Maintain a consistent speed while passing and let the truck pass you from your left side. 

  • Give plenty of space to the truck

Try your best to avoid being near a truck for too long. You will heighten the risk of an accident that may be caused by the following factors:

  • When a truck suddenly brakes, the car might slide under the truck or the truck may tip over causing a serious crash
  • The remnants of the tires can tear off and unexpectedly hit the windshield
  • Strong winds can lead to rollover of the truck

This is why you should maintain a safe distance behind a commercial truck. Give enough space when it turns as they may at times consume two lanes while taking wide turns. 

  • Stay away from distractions

When you practice distracted driving, this puts you at a heightened risk of damage. Avoid engaging in activities that take your eyes, minds and hands off the road. Don’t eat anything, don’t check your phone, don’t drink, and don’t allow noisy passengers. 

In spite of taking all the precautions, if you still meet with an accident with a truck, don’t hesitate to call a truck accident attorney. They are skilled enough to ensure the protection of your legal rights. 

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels