The tricky sides of bulk buying to save money

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Wholesalers give discounts for retailer businessmen because quick sales means quick return of investment with profits. In individual bulk buying that’s not always the same perk.  Compare to retailer businessmen, they buy in volume because they know what their customers’ demands. They also must find ways to sell their products.  However for the end users, whatever they purchase the choice will be either to consume the product or discard it.

If you are into bulk buying for no valuable reasons, you’re prone to waste money as well.  Remember in every cent you spent is equal to the chance you give up and hard work you sweat out.  Thus, it’s vital for consumers to become smart in budgeting. Here are few reminders that you should think before buying in volume.

It’s not always the price, but the times you will use the product. Buying baby diapers in volume is good if you know already the brand, size, and quality that suit for your baby. It offers convenient for not going in the market often, which also give you extra time and avoid transportation cost.  If you purchase discounted items for impractical reasons, then that could be a money mistake.

It’s not only about your pocket’s size, but your storage room. Unless you have spacious house and spare storage boxes, don’t buy in volume of the products that are fragile, delicate, and perishable. Your fridger alone has limited space for freezing meats and fishes. On the other hand, don’t forget how many canisters you have when you buy kilos or grams of sugar, salt, coffee, powdered milk, creamer, and other similar products.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

It’s not only about the present, but what’s always and often. If your grocery tour is for your whole family, choose products that safe to buy and not what’s only cool for you. For example, don’t get scented items such as soap, powder, shampoo, and tissues because every person prefers particular fragrance.  Remember also the disciplines you follow in your household. For example, why you’ll get many bottles of cooking oil if you like to avoid oily and fatty dishes?