Transitioning from Traditional to Data-Driving Digital Disruption with ADA

Digital disruption
ADA’s Country Director Gilbert Cadiang (Philippines) and CEO, Srinivas Gattamneni

Digital disruption the kind of change that everyone anticipated, but only a few prepared for.

As more and more brands and businesses switch to digital from traditional, how do marketing companies and advertising agencies make sense of it?

ADA believes that in digital, if you show the same creative for more than two weeks in a row, people will get less interested. You’ll have to replenish more creatives, unlike for a TVC which are aired for months or so. “Media planning should come first, and then the creative is to be created based on the target audience”, explains ADA’s CEO, Srinivas Gattamneni. Also, facing the fact that traditional can become a lot more expensive than digital, it goes to show that it really can be considered as a great alternative at these times.

Digital Disruption
Rise of the Disruptors (from left to right): Gilbert Cadiang (ADA Phils. Country Director), ADA CEO Srinivas Gattamneni, Anthony Andrada and Mitzi Ilagan, Mediablast Digital Corporation, Partnerships Head MJ Cordova and Integrated Marketing Head Mattel Soliven-Celestino, ABS-CBN Digital Media Division, and Mediablast Digital Corporation Co-COO and CFO, Zes Martinez

ADA (analytics, data, advertising) is the largest independent digital marketing company in Asia, with a total of 201 specialists in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. They deliver a full suite of high-performance digital services through adaFutures, studioA, adaReach, adaAcquire, adaXchange, and XACT. ADA makes use of artificial intelligence to identify and segment consumers to automate information for planning, placement, and spends. ADA  uses data for marketing decision-making and objective-setting. ADA also makes use of artificial intelligence to identify and segregate consumers and then automate creative generation at a fraction of the cost.

In essence, ADA’s goal is to help you engage with your audience wherever they are at any time using the right message. With most people using their smartphones for their daily activities, it serves as one of the most important means to relay a brand’s message.

Through the telco-powered proprietary data management platform (DMP), Xact, ADA processes over 50 billion records of data with over 200 attributes, making it an effective means for personalization and targeting. This makes ADA and the brand fully understand the consumer’s needs so they can show the most effective ads suitable to their preferences.

As brands switch from traditional to digital media, it is important to know that data plays a big role in the marketing planning as it serves as the foundation to effectively reach the right target using the right message. It won’t take 5 years for this change to fully take place as at this moment, changes are already happening. It is important to recognize this change instead of dismissing the idea so you wouldn’t have to lose in the end. Remember that digital disruption isn’t a threat to be feared but an opportunity to welcome.

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