Top Skin Advice for Teen Girls: Maintain Healthy Skin with a Natural Glow

Top 4 Beauty Hacks That Will Save You Money Top Skin Advice for Teen Girls: Maintain Healthy Skin with a Natural Glow
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ExecutiveChronicles | Top Skin Advice for Teen Girls: Maintain Healthy Skin with a Natural Glow | Teenage for everyone is a memory of oily skin, acne and blackheads. Most people consult a cosmetic dermatologist during this period to get rid of these headaches. If either you or your daughter are going through puberty, buy moisturisers and other skincare products only from reputed brands. It is the phase when your skin feels different from earlier, and not all tips on social media won’t work with everyone’s skin. Here are the top simple tips to take care of teenagers’ skin, which helps quickly regain your old natural glowing and healthy skin. Follow them without any hesitation and experience the difference.

1. Cleansing is the first step

Make cleansing a habit because this step helps you get rid of dirt and dryness. If you actually happen to have oily skin, use gel or foaming cleanser twice a day for sure. If you use make-up, use a foaming cleanser to remove it. If you actually happen to be into sports or related activities, do not forget to wash your face before. Always make sure you keep a box of facial tissues in your bag so that you can dry the oily skin.

2. Do not sleep with the make-up

Experts at Aloki Skin Townsville advise not to sleep with make-up on. Even if you are exhausted or dead, take off the make-up and wash your face with a cleanser so that you can avoid grime piling up on your face. If you have a habit of sleeping with make-up on your face, it is high time to change it or else there is a high chance of periocular or perioral dermatitis and an acne breakout.

3. Exfoliate regularly

Ensure that you actually exfoliate at least twice a week. Remember to give a gentle exfoliation, or else it will damage the skin. Avoid scrubbing and over-exfoliating because it will cause more damage to blackheads and acne. Apply

soon after the shower to maintain a fresh feel.

4. Get the right products

If you buy moisturisers or any other beauty and skincare products, try to buy the best brand because fewer quality products can cause damage to a teen’s skin. If you have an acne breakout, seek the help of your dermatologist to know the best outcome.

5. Better not to share make-up products

Experts advise that sharing make-up items can lead to sharing of germs. It is strictly recommended not to share eye and lip products. So better buy your products, even if it is a small lip balm.

6. Consult a dermatologist

If you have an acne breakout or rashes, or skin irritation, it is better to consult a dermatologist without hesitation. They will help you get rid of these issues without leaving any scar on the face. Try to treat pus-filled pimples and acne yourself. Spots will stay for a lifetime. Use the acne medication for effective cleaning and take the dermatologist’s suggestions to know which products are more beneficial.

7. Wear sunscreen and self-tanner

To make the skin look healthy and beautiful for years ahead, it is mandatory to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to block dangerous UV rays entering the skin. There are liquid foundations that contain sunscreen. While choosing tanner, avoid tanning beds that cause early wrinkles.

Also, to keep hydrated, drink not less than three litres of water a day, and sleep for more than seven hours.

Follow the above mentioned tips and let the puberty phase be easy.

Photo by chris howard from Pexels

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