Top Five Jobs of OFW in Japan That You Didn’t Know

OFW Executive Chronicles

We all know that Filipinos value their families, they will do whatever it takes to make sure their loved ones get the things that they deserve. They are risk takers who do any kind of job even if they’d have to travel to different countries to do so. One of the countries in which OFW go to pursue a job is in Japan. Japan has long been a popular choice for OFWs because of the high pay and quality of life. As of 2017, OFWs are the third largest group of foreign workers in Japan.

With Japan’s aging population, the country is looking to hire even more foreign workers. But aside from hiring caregivers, domestic helpers, and other common jobs you might see online, here are a few unique jobs that might catch your interest.

  1. Tokoshu Seiso:The Lonely Death Cleaner
    Many OFWs work as housekeepers and domestic helpers, but there is another kind of cleaner needed in Japan. With an aging population, Japan has an increasing number of kodokushi or “lonely deaths.” Thus, there is also a high demand for tokoshu seiso—people who are hired to clean up the deceased person’s belongings. It is not a simple task, knowing that the owner of the house has passed on, so the cleaner usually says a prayer for the deceased person before entering the place.

Watch this video to see a Pinoy tokoshu seiso in action.



  1. Ninjutsu:Part-time Ninja Trainers
    Filipinos are known for their talents in singing and dancing, which is why a lot of entertainers get hired to work on theme parks and cruise ships. In Japan, some establishments are also looking for “ninja trainers” to help promote tourism and teach kids all about ninja etiquette. So if you’ve always dreamed of being a ninja and have a few stunts up your sleeve, then this job is for you.
  1. Sakura: The Decoys
    Also known as a “hospitality supporter,” the decoys are hired as fake guests in weddings, meetings, or other events. One company also offers fake lovers and funeral guests. Since Pinoys are naturally friendly and sociable, this is a good option to consider.
  1. Narabiya: The ProfessionalQueuer
    Imagine you’re standing in line, waiting for your turn to get your driver’s license renewed, when you suddenly remember that you left the stove on at home. What do you do? Call someone to stand in line for you! In Japan, it’s totally possible. And if you’re willing to do this for a few hours, you could earn as much as JPY 15,000 (PHP 7,000).
  1. Kensetsu Sagyo-in: Construction worker for the 2020 Olympics
    Preparations for the upcoming Olympic games in Tokyo are in full swing! Huge stadiums and other structures are being built and Japan needs to hire more people to get them done on time. Whether you’re a carpenter, engineer, or architect, you’ll most likely find an opening to suit your skill set. Not only will you be able to work in Japan, you’ll also be able to say that you’re a part of this historical event.

If you’re an OFW, you work hard to earn money, grow your savings, and prepare for your family’s future. No matter what the job entails, you’re willing to make sacrifices and do the work to be able to send money for your loved ones.

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