Top 6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Salesforce Consulting Partners 

Top 6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Salesforce Consulting Partners  Sales Professionals Sales Force Automation

ExecutiveChronicles | Top 6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Salesforce Consulting Partners | Thanks to business and technology improvement, there is a pretty deep reliance on Salesforce. It is essential to perfect customer relationship service and to strengthen the delivery of business objectives. As a result, working with a strong salesforce consultant is helpful for business success. 

The impact of an experienced salesforce consulting partner is indispensable. Yet, choosing the best partner of the myriads of partners available is not usually a walk in the park. You need an excellent technical team that understands the business principles to help sieve out the myriads of salesforce partners you might come across. 

The good news is, some tips can guide you towards a successful choice of salesforce partner. This article will explore six such tips to direct you towards a reputable consultant:


  • Request Sample Automated Workflow


When Salesforce comes into a business, running a business becomes pretty easy. As a result, human errors become insignificant when there are automated tasks that help boost productivity. If you have an automated workflow that eliminates manual tasks from the work process, you will get the best from Salesforce. 

There is a difference between setting up automation and knowing the task you need to improve. When you collaborate with top salesforce partners, the benefit and relevance of automation to your business will be evident. In addition, there is access to automation reporting, which explains your business’s health. 

When you work with a reliable salesforce consultant, the benefit of automation will be glaring on your business.


  • Constant Support


There is more to salesforce efficiency than project delivery. All business owners should be after how the business will fare, after project delivery. This makes it essential to understand the consultant’s stand on the support you will get even after project execution. 

In other words, you should prioritize a partner with good after-sales service. This gives the business everything they need to compete effectively. 


  • Prioritize Industry Match


Companies exist under different niches, making it essential to opt for a salesforce consultant with experience in a similar niche. However, working with a consultant with expertise not relevant to your niche might not give you the best. This makes it essential to work with a partner with a keen interest in your industry like tourism, hospitality, etc. 

The type of niche which your industry revolves around will determine the consultant that suits your business. In other words, the consultant needs to be interested and experienced in such places. 

Jack of all trade, they say, is a master of none. As a result, you might not get the best from a consultant who specializes in all niches. They might not give you the best solution that your business needs. 

  • Prioritize Salesforce Certification


Anyone who claims to be a salesforce expert should have the relevant certification to prove their claim. Consider such certification as the endorsement of their skills and validation of their expertise. Besides, such a certificate also reveals that you can trust the partner enough to execute all assignments. 

Also, certification helps know which partner is updated and relevant to current practices. Here are five major salesforce certifications that you should have in mind:

  • Certified Salesforce Administrator
  • Certified Salesforce Developer
  • Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator

Your Salesforce consulting partner need not have the entire certification. However, all partners should be certified as a developer and an administrator.  What you need will determine other credentials you should look out for in the partner.


  • Budget


Salesforce consultants are well paid, depending on experience and expertise level. This could run beyond your budget if not careful. For instance, on average, a salesforce consultant will charge $50 per hour, which could run to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. 

Don’t be in a rush to assume this is within your budget. Things like ongoing support and other charges might make the price add up. As a result, understand what is expected of you from the project regarding price before commitment.

When you are on the same page with your partner concerning price, you can avoid surprises and alarming bills. Ensure you know of all their charges before signing up and if there are hidden fees. Will you be charged for initial meetings, on-site meetings, and others? 


  • Expertise Level Matters


Ensure you work with a salesforce partner with optimum knowledge well-versed in a series of CRM projects. You need their insight and experience in sales and automation, as it will help upgrade your business. You have a lot to benefit from working with an expert well-grounded on the latest sales strategy.

Also, your salesforce consultant should be knowledgeable on the latest project management technology. Your customer relationship management technique might need you to use other applications to engage with other departments. 

As a result, it will make sense if your consulting partner of choice has a developer on the team. Such professionals help improve the efficiency of the team. Besides, their insight into critical business areas like software development, data mapping, etc., will give the team and your business an edge. 


Selecting a befitting salesforce consultant will go a long way to benefit your business. With the tips discussed in this article, you can choose the best salesforce partners. 

ExecutiveChronicles | Top 6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Salesforce Consulting Partners