Top 6 Things to Review When Hiring People

Ana Margarita Olar |

Hiring people is one of the crucial things that can strengthen or weaken a company. You can buy expensive equipment. You can pay to build the state of the art facilities for your company.

But you cannot buy a perfect team to work for you.

You must have a smart strategy to find them. Here the top things that you must review when hiring employees:


Admit it or not, you don’t have the luxury of time to review all that there is on a resume. Here are some important details you mustn’t skip: previous employees, credentials, tasks, duties, experience, employment gaps, and scores on personality test if any.



During an interview, one thing you need to look for when hiring the right employee is the attitude. What can he say about your company’s visions and goals? Does it meet his personal goals and vision? Look for someone with a positive outlook and enthusiasm.

They can be a great asset to the company especially when there are challenges.


When hiring people, you have look for new ideas from them. Give them situations and how can they solve it in a different way. Look for someone with the guts to start the action and loves changes and obstacles.


This is another jewel that you have to look for when hiring people. Observe them while they are in the waiting room. Can they start a good conversation? How did they get along with other applicants? For sure they didn’t go there to make friends but to look for a job. But you can point out who among them is the team player.


Many applicants may be qualified when it comes to the degree or educational background. But when hiring people, it is also wise to consider their skills and experience. Doing so will help you see whether what they offer is what you are looking for. If not, don’t turn them down yet.

Just tell them their qualification is not suited for the job and observe how they act? Did they turn their back at once? Or did they ask what they can DO to get the job? That’s another point to consider too.

Looking for persons to complete the team is not an easy task. once you hired and employee, you have to do everything to make it work with them. Otherwise, you have to face another difficult task-firing people and hiring new ones.