Top 5 Tips When Hiring Millennial

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Developer millenials

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Businesses are now into hiring a new set of the generation which is called the Millennial. It is something to ponder about because, in less than 10 years, they will consist 10% of the task force.

Here are some tips when hiring this new generation called the Millennials:

  1. Have a set of clearly defined goals.

When hiring millennial you have to state the company’s mission and vision as specific as possible, in this way you can attract people who have the same passion as the company.

Knowing what their purpose will be, you can connect the right people to the right task in order to achieve the company’s ultimate goal.

  1. Understand that they are unique individuals.

Another strategy in hiring millennial is that you have to keep in mind that they are different personalities just like other generations. They are compassionate about different things, they have different interests, and they have varied goals in life just like everyone else.

So upon interview, it is important to consider what they are interested about outside their work. In this way, you’ve got to hire the one suited for the job and you can keep your employee by engaging them in their area of interest.

  1. Consider hiring recent college graduates.

Northwestern Mutual, a call center company shares their experience when hiring millennial: “Our experience shows that the best recruits are recent college graduates with internship experience as they are more likely to stay than career/job changers.”

Your company can try to arrange an internship program for college students so that you can screen potential employees for future hiring.

In this way, you get to know them better and harness their interest and passion at an early stage.

  1. Offer skill development opportunities.

A recent study showed that 44% of Millennial most likely to quit their job because they didn’t have the opportunity to enhance their abilities and skills.  And 2/3 of the group wants to be their own boss. So upon hiring, attract the right millennial for the job by showing them the opportunities for growth and development that your company has to offer.

They have to understand that once they are hired, they would never be stacked in a boring routine but otherwise be trained regularly to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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  1. Partner with campus or organizations that offer the skills that your company needs.

Fresh graduates are the ones who are ready to take any job opportunities for experience. This is also an opportunity for the company to find the right employee suited for a certain job.

You can offer a job position to the university’s cream of the crop. Or you can offer a post-college training program so that you can actually choose the right employee while they are still training.

Most importantly, you must be authentic and honest when you are trying to hire millennial.

Be real, show them the true color of the company and if they sense this sincerity, you are most likely to hire the perfect millennial for the job.