Top 5 Local SEO Tips in 2020

Local SEO Tips SEO Mistakes to Avoid | Top 5 Local SEO Tips in 2020 | The perception of the internet is that it’s just one enormous network and that everything we post online becomes immediately available to every user around the globe. In reality, things are not as hyper-connected as it seems on the surface. In order to increase your visibility amongst the local target audience (which is usually your primary target audience), you need to work on your local SEO. Naturally, like any other digital marketing trend, local SEO trends evolve with each passing year. Here are five tips for those who want to catch up.

  • Don’t focus on online sales

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to local SEO lies in the idea that the only reason to invest in online marketing is to increase the number of your online sales. The statistic that about 78 percent of all local mobile searches eventually become offline purchases states otherwise. Why is this the case? Well, some people are trying to compare your prices to those of your competitors while avoiding the need to visit all of these stores in person. Others want to check out your offer or merely inspect the physical address of your brick and mortar retail place. Overall, focusing on online sales during your local SEO campaign is not a smart move, seeing as how this is merely a fraction of what your local SEO efforts can do for your enterprise and your profit.

  • Getting listed in directories

Amongst your top priorities, when it comes to putting yourself on the radar of the local internet users, is the idea of getting listed in all the relevant directories. Google My Business and Yelp are definitely the first stop; however, you need to be aware of the fact that they’re not the only players in the game. There are dozens, even hundreds of them, and even though you don’t have to be listed in all of them, the more directories you manage to squeeze your business in, the better. Every extra bit of exposure goes a long way to establish you as a local commercial powerhouse.

  • Focus on reviews

The thing that plays a major impact when it comes to persuading potential customers is definitely the volume of reviews that your business is getting, as well as whether these reviews are positive and organic-looking. First of all, the majority of positive reviews will be suspicious to your audience, seeing as how people may suspect that they’re written from fake accounts in order to boost your reputation. Second, one positive and one negative review is not a very good ratio. Sure, even the best venue on Earth will have at least a dozen trolls, giving them 1 or 0 stars and slandering them for no good reason. Still, as long as the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, people will see these troll comments for what they really are.

  • Consider white label SEO

One of the universal truths of working in virtually any field is the idea that specialists can get the job done a lot better than others. The problem, nevertheless, lies in the fact that SEO consists of many different tasks, which is why finding a team competent enough in all of them might seem quite impossible. Fortunately, the concept of white label SEO provides you with an opportunity to outsource this single task (local SEO campaign) to a specialized white label SEO company, which should have you covered on all fronts. This way, you can abandon the idea of the expensive in-house project with limited end results. This way, you’re not just getting the best cost-to-value ratio when it comes to your SEO campaign but also simplifying your marketing logistics by quite a margin.

  • Local mini homepages

Another thing you might want to understand is the fact that Google ranks pages, not domains. What this means is that you can make local mini-homepages for the locations in which your business is active. This goes alongside optimizing keywords and performing similar tasks. Try to role-play a bit and figure out what your audience is going to look for and what they’re going to see once they type in the keyword that you’ve designated. By emulating their experience, you’ll have an easier job improving it, thus providing yourself with a far superior position.

As you can see, these five simple tips are quite simple to handle DIY, even though finding professional assistance might be far more effective (even more cost-effective). All that matters is that you start from your local marketing strategy and work your way up. This way, you’ll create a solid brand structure that you will be able to adjust properly.