Top 5 Commercial Cleaning Services

Top 5 Commercial Cleaning Services

Executive Chronicles | Top 5 Commercial Cleaning Services | The average working American spends about eight hours per day in the workplace. That means that your place of business has regular foot traffic that creates dirt, dust, and other unsanitary factors.

Even if your workers clean up after themselves, you still need to deep clean and ensure everyone’s health stays in tip-top condition. Not only that, but you want your office to remain as presentable as possible.

That is even more true now that COVID-19 has swept across the world. If you desire to keep your space safe and clean, look at these top five commercial cleaning services.

  1. Dusting

It would surprise you to see the way dust accumulates. Even in a space with minimal people, dust can collect on things like windowsills, curtains, and the nooks and crannies of an office.

If you do not maintain the dust, it could pose a health risk to your employees by giving them potential allergy attacks. Plus, the sight of dust is unprofessional.

So, one of the top professional commercial cleaning services you want is dusting. That way, the cleaning employees will dust every area of your office, even the parts you would forget to clean.

  1. Disinfecting

The Covid-19 virus particles can stick to surfaces. While you may wipe down everything from countertops to door handles all day, nothing compares to office disinfection.

Once everyone is out of the office, cleaners will come in and use CDC-approved sanitization chemicals to give your facility full disinfection run down. That way, when you arrive to work the following morning, you will feel safe as you walk into a clean building.

  1. Vacuuming

Commercial cleaning companies will also vacuum the entire area. Again this is critical to do once everyone is out of the office. That way, no one is there to spread crumbs, hair, and other waste right after a vacuuming session.

  1. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

The ceiling and walls often go overlooked by businesses. However, people touch the walls all day long, leaving fingerprints and dirt behind.

As for the roof, dust can collect up there in the corners without you noticing. Therefore, hire cleaning services that offer ceiling and wall cleaning. That way every inch of your facility is spick-and-span.

  1. Carpet Cleaning

Some cleaning services will offer carpet cleaning in their list of services. That means they will come out with a carpet cleaner to shampoo your carpets.

With this service, you ensure that anything in the carpet fibers is pulled up and removed. That includes smells that carpet tends to trap!

How to Find Commercial Cleaners

One of the best ways to find commercial cleaners is via the internet. Hop online to your preferred internet browser and type in something like:

  • commercial cleaning services near me
  • commercial cleaning near me
  • commercial cleaning companies

Those phrases should pull up services within your area. After that, take some time to peruse their website. Look into their list of services to see if they meet your needs.

You can even give the company a call and ask questions about their services. Any reputable commercial cleaner will be happy to speak with you and answer any concerns you may have.

For More Commercial Cleaning Services

Many commercial cleaning services offer a variety of options. As you research, be sure to look into their list of cleaning services to see if the company has dusting, disinfection, and vacuuming.

You might also want to inquire about any other commercial office cleaning services they provide. If you enjoyed this article and want to know more about cleaning and other office tips, please continue reading the rest of our blog.