Signals to Check before You Resign


MJ Gonzales │

Every employee faces work matters that bring fulfillment or frustration.  There are days you are down, tired, and stress that somehow you like to quit from your job.  Of course, you will not do that in a snap especially if you have obligations and ulterior ambitions.  But is it always about finding new company before you say goodbye to your boss?

It is ideal that you find your next boss before quitting from your current job.   If unemployment is too broad issue, your personal expenses and stress are not and won’t stop  after your resignation.   Another note to consider is the hiring system in the Philippines where age and educational attainment matters apart from your job history.  BusinessCoach, Inc.  President Ruben Anlacan, Jr. shared in his column in Manila Bulletin that you have better edge when you apply while you’re still employed.  According to him this is because your possible bosses have to check what they can offer you more than your present job has and  will not think you are desperate to get a job.

“Before you plan out your ‘artista’ walk-out from your company, make sure you have another company already considering you for employment. Not just a shot for an interview, but a sure slot for admission. If not, you might be spending the next month on a date with the classified ads section and online job postings while your savings drop every day. Looking for a new job is easy, but landing one may take months,” Anlacan advised.

Excluding the thought of aftereffects, you have to be conscious also if you currently experience more than enough. You don’t have to wait years before you get good opportunities and find your happiness.  There are signals that you’ll intentionally or unintentionally notice that you have to plan your resignation scheme at once like…

You are always sick.   You are suffering from ulcer because you can’t take your lunch on time?  Do you   feel that you always in panic mode or depress due to your bosses’ demands?  There days that you are always not happy, but if you are down, tired or overwork everyday that’s not normal.

Bloomberg shared China and Japan have reports about severe cases of people who died possibly because of overwork.  Japan’s “Karoshi” or death from overwork, may come through stroke, cerebral hemorrhage or heart attack.  In China it’s called “guolaosi” and approximately 600,000 Chinese die per year due to overwork as per China Youth Daily’s report a year ago.

(credit: pixabay)
(credit: pixabay)

You feel demoralized. Low salary is common cue to feel unworthy in your company. If you already research about the right salary range and then negotiate for an increase, but no avail, then it’s time to go. Don’t settle in the company that gives you pay that you don’t deserve.  If you allow them to do that, you let them underestimate you and waste your time when you can find better job.

Apart from compensation, there are other factors that you feel demoralized like being treated as outcast, following terrible and power-tripping boss, experiencing exploitation, you can’t use your true abilities and others.

You are only work for the sake of working.   Work is work if you don’t find something fulfilling about it. You can let go of the idea of low pay and overwork if you feel passionate and happy about your job.   Meanwhile, the other angle to see is the imbalance between your work and personal life.  You work to sustain your needs and wants, but you don’t live to work alone.