To find happiness is to focus on others than yourself?

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MJ Gonzales│

We often hear that “happiness is a choice.”  Probably, it is because humans are by default prone to react to negativity. Sometimes we, ourselves, are the ones who trigger our own unhappiness by making a big deal out of small things. To stay positive and joyful in your life, one suggestion is stop being self-centered and make other people as one source of your happiness.

When we look to successful people we tend to feel envy especially to those closest to us.  Perhaps they’re our former classmates or neighbors who become achievers in no time.   To feel envy is natural, but it’s going to be nothing or something depending on your action.  For example, your long-lost friend posts her out-of-the country photos on Facebook.  Seeing that might trigger you to feel envy and it’s going to be self-pity too soon if your reaction is to compare yourself with her.  Maybe if you chat with her, you find her sacrifices and colorful stories behind those photos.  In the end, what matters is the special connection between the two of you.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

According to Entrepreneur one of the strategies to obtain happiness is to “focus on others” than yourself alone. In a study (co-authored by a University of California-Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky) they shared, it revealed that close bond among people can trigger them to feel more grateful and fulfilled.

“People who took steps to make a friend, family member, or roommate happy reported increases in happiness compared to those who simply kept track of their daily activities, thus supporting our contention that focusing on the well-being of others is good for mental health.”

On the other report, Psychology Today also shared that interaction and the sense of belonging people’s happiness.  Perhaps this is also one reason why Filipinos ranked 5th World’s happiest citizens in 2015 in Gallup’s Positive Experience Index.  A Filipino’s, even half-blood, victory abroad is triumph of the whole nation.