Tips to Help You Earn More Money on Airbnb

Tips to Help You Earn More Money on Airbnb Consider When Booking a Hotel

Tips to Help You Earn More Money on Airbnb | Did you know that by becoming a new Airbnb Host in the US, you can make a collective profit of millions of dollars with other people, like some Airbnb hosts made in 2021? If you have an additional property that you want to make money off, listing it on Airbnb is one of the best ways to do it. However, before you list it and display it to potential renters, you should make sure it’s presentable and attractive enough for people to book it. We have listed several top tips that will help you make more money on Airbnb.

Estimate all the costs

First, you’ll need to calculate all the costs in order to set a profitable price per night for your property. Consider all the utility bills such as water, gas, and internet that you’ll need to pay every month. Are you going to clean the apartment by yourself, or have a cleaning person do it for you? If you’re going to pay someone, include their monthly fee as well. You never know if some guests will ruin a piece of furniture or steal something, so be prepared for the unforeseen costs too. Only when you’ve done the math with all those costs should you set the price per night on your property.

Keep up with the reviews

If you’ve already listed your property, it’s essential to check your guests’ reviews regularly. The first time you get a 4-star (or less) review, take time to go through the criticism and potential suggestions. Also, put yourself in guests’ shoes and think about what you like to see at an Airbnb property when you travel. What’s the deal-breaker for you, and what detail will make you go nuts if you only spot it in the living room or bathroom. Always be kind, and reply to reviews with grace.

Spruce up the property for top-notch photos

Photographs of the property and previous guests’ reviews are the two main factors that affect whether a future guest will book your property or not. Therefore, you need to invest time, some money and plenty of creativity into your interior to make it look clean, attractive, and above all inviting. Bedrooms are one of the first rooms to check out, so be sure to make the bed neatly. Get some of the high-quality bedsheets and duvets from Wake in Cloud to create a stunning backdrop for the bedroom. If you have an outdoor area, be sure to spruce it up with patio furniture and décor because many guests will be persuaded to book your property rather than your competitors, particularly for that detail. Remove all the clutter and only take photographs when the property looks like it’s ready to welcome guests.

Pay attention to your communication skill

Not everyone will simply book a property and show up at your doorstep to start their vacation. Some of them will have plenty of questions before they even book the property, and not to mention after the booking process is over. No matter what type of question you come across, always respond kindly and politely. Use those questions as pointers for improving the quality of your accommodation or the quality of the listing.

Listing a property on Airbnb can bring you thousands of dollars per month Whether you want to make it your primary source of income or you’d much rather put it in savings for retirement, you’ll need to glam up the property in order to attract as many guests as possible. Don’t forget to calculate all the costs, that you’ll need to take care of every month, before you set a price per night. Make sure the interior design is better than your competitor’s and always stay on top of your communication game.