Why you need a Career Planning?

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Goal-setting is such a big word that when someone ask you ‘where do you see yourself five to ten years from now’ you possibly either stuttering or tittering.  Of course if you’re an applicant in a job interview this reaction is a no-no.  Thus in preparation for your next job or changing your future, it recommended to do career planning.

Some maybe have vague or use highfalutin words, but it’s very rare companies that don’t have missions and visions. It’s their driving force to work on their imaging and achieving their targets.  Obviously, corporations don’t stop there as they have monthly or annual evaluations they also have detailed plans to level up their status.   What’s in store for you if you follow those big players by setting your own mission and visions for your career?

Ideally it’s good that as early as high school people identify already what career they want to pursue.  According to US News the advantages of career planning at the young age make a great impact in terms of creating your network, competitiveness, and learning a lot.

“There’s no question that having a professional network is useful for career success. High school students who focus on career early are more likely to be motivated to focus on their personal brand. LinkedIn encourages teenagers to create profiles on their professional network, and young people who are interested in their future are more likely to take advantage of this and other online and in-person tools to expand their network,” the site added.

Frank J. Minor, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Emeritus, Saint Anselm College, NH shared that despite of constant changes in career planning  will help you to be in control  as you  hone your  values and skills according to your personality. He added that the result is beneficial because you can go with flow of the job market than being left behind by changes.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

“Keep in mind, throughout your life, you are the one who must make all the decisions about your career and you must produce the results that support your goals. It’s up to you to control and navigate your own destiny,” Minor imparted, via ncwc.edu., in his tutorial Focus Career Educational Planning Solutions: Planning Your Career & Education.

Minor also suggested your career plan should revolve in knowing yourself. Thus, it must contain details of your work interests that also includes tasks that you enjoy to do; values or principles you think are significant for you; skills you can do or learn; personality type; and  leisure time interests.

Perhaps you’re focused now is the job you need find or you already have, but if you think now about the career path you want to take your life would be lost and frustrated.  In fact, you may realize soon that you become better and happier by just having clear goals.