Tips on Coping With Holiday Stress


Mitzi Ilagan |

As soon as the “Ber” months come in, people get too ecstatic to have reunions, eat more than the usual, and of course, just stay at home to rest. Students are not the only ones who take advantage of Christmas breaks, but also employees who take their days off from office works.

But even if Christmas is synonymous to fun, family, and food, sometimes, some just can’t avoid being stressed during the holidays, too. One could not get away from the holiday traffic, longer lines in cashier areas, more crowded malls and restaurants, hectic schedules for reunions and parties, and even too much spending.

  • To reduce the stress from busy places, make sure to buy ahead of time. If you could, avoid buying gifts during weekends or if it’s just days before Christmas day.
  • Before going out for shopping, make a list of what you need to buy. Set a budget so that you won’t find it hard to compute as you buy on the day itself.
  • To prevent hassle, you may want to ask people what they want as gift (if you’re not planning to give them something as surprise).
  • When planning parties or reunions, make sure to prepare as early as one month prior to the celebration so that everything would turn out good. Ask help from your colleagues or other family members to lessen the tasks.
  • Never put pressure when planning for Christmas celebrations. Aside from the preparation and expenditure, it will be stressful when there are more plans than people doing actual work. If you can’t think of any other way to spend the holidays, sticking to your family traditions would be the most convenient thing to do.
  • Inform your family about your plans (especially if you are the peson expected to prepare and spend for the holidays). If not, encourage them to meet-up and plan ahead to reduce cramming.
  • If the usual family traditions are the causes of your stress, make a way to make it different this year. Try celebrating in other locations, or maybe, do fun activities which you haven’t done with the family.
  • After Christmas, clean up and then relax. Even when you’re on a staycation, spending your time without social media or tedious work would help.
  • Allow time for yourself as soon as the hype goes down. Do the things which you have wished to do to be able to relax and enjoy.

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