Tips on Choosing a Plastic Manufacturer for Custom Products


Addy Carlisle, Executive Chronicles |  Almost everything is attainable in the plastic form today. You name it and products that range from pipes, computers, car dashboards, television components, tables and chairs, signboards, custom nameplates, car emblems, toys and wheels could be made of plastic that we may name. Most plastic manufacturers use a standard method or mechanism to make custom plastic designs. The use of injection molded plastic has been a method employed for custom plastic manufacturing.

But for a custom design that needs to be manufactured you need to make sure that it follows some vital steps.

  • Mold and Product Design

Professional assistance in this first step of the process is very essential. One may consider his ability to design a product, but at different stages of manufacturing the integrity of the design may give in, this is where a professional designer will be able to give his inputs to help create a design that not only looks great but also succeeds. A good team of designers will be equipped to resolve any complexity your project may anticipate.

Plastic mold designers often work with software called CAD, the drawing along with its manual copy is technically created and obtained from this software. After the product is designed, you will need to know how and where the mold for this can be manufactured. Most often than not, the design team will be able to assist you in this regard.

  • Plastic Injection Molding

This is the next step in the custom plastic manufacturing process. Once your mold is ready and available for manufacturing, plastic pellets are chosen an appropriate resin to strengthen and color the product is also finalized.

The pellets are then melted and poured into the mold through a pressure system via a tiny opening, till the mold is completely filled with the molten plastic. The mold is pressed firmly to hold the plastic poured in place and allowed to cool. On cooling the shape of the mold is copied into the product and then is released out of the mold to deliver the final product for snickering and quality check.

The entire process could be summarized as clamping, injecting, cooling, releasing of final product and branding.

  • Quality Check

It is taken for granted that a custom plastic manufacturing unit will not operate without an inspection and quality controlling team. Hence the next logical step for every product that is manufactured out of the mold goes through the quality control department. The finished plastic product needs to be checked if it has met all quality parameters, which may include the design as originally anticipated, the color of the product, the strength and durability of the plastic, the banding for the product, are among a few checks that are to be conducted.

  • Stacking and Shipping

Finished products need to be stacked up appropriately, after having gathered each item may need to be packed and organized to be shipped as well. A packaging and shipping unit or organization can help you complete this task as you prepare to hold them into an inventory house.

It is best to finalize a good company to help you to prepare and complete the plastic mold and injection. Any amount of research in this area is worth its value in gold. Major companies that entertain such orders are out there on the internet with their websites and product listings, you can contact directly custom plastic manufacturing or visit their plant to check for the expertise. Do choose to work with a company that is well established and reputable, your product quality will have a direct bearing on the workmanship the company provides you with.