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In spite of efforts to educate Filipinos on the importance of insurance, the Philippines still has the lowest insurance penetration among ASEAN nations, with barely 1.04 percent of the population covered in 2011, according to the Insurance Commission (IC). The IC study underscored that most Filipinos see insurance as a costly and added expenditure, that’s why most families don’t prioritize its purchase.

Having no insurance, however, entails more risk where a small accident can become a huge financial disaster for families, especially if the breadwinner is the one involved.  Ms. Geraldine Desiderio- Garcia, senior vice president and general manager of Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG), says “Filipinos need to learn to draw up risk-reduction measures and protect themselves from what is more than likely to happen.”

Fortunately, there are affordable insurance products in the market like Alalay sa Buhay for individuals, families & seniors offered by Country Bankers, which provide protection for one year for peace of mind at a very reasonable cost.

‘’Not having saved enough money to support yourself and your family in case of sudden death, sickness or accident would mean being hard pressed to climb out of financial hole. With insurance, which one can accumulate and save for through the years, you get to keep your assets, preserve your independence, and best of all, achieve peace of mind,’’ Garcia added.

CBIG offers a wide range of products for everyone – from the CEOs and executives, to families, to small entrepreneurs, farmers, and fishermen. A low-profile company, Country Bankers Insurance Corporation has been providing non-life insurance such as fire, motor vehicle, personal accident, to name a few, for 55 years now.  Its sister company, Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation has been around for 51 years, giving consumers – especially in rural areas – an array of life insurance plans that protect lives and secure loans, through solid partnerships with rural banks and microfinance institutions all over the country.

“Through rural banks, cooperatives and other financial institutions, we have established a vast network of service outlets through which we can offer more products and provide better accessibility for settlement of claims and policy loans,” explains Garcia.

Read on what Country Bankers can offer for your peace of mind below or call them at 523-8611 & 524-0621.



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