This Is How to Write a Jingle for Your Company

This Is How to Write a Jingle for Your Company | This Is How to Write a Jingle for Your Company | What do ‘I’m lovin’ it’, ‘Uh-oh! Spaghetti-O’s!’, and ‘Every kiss begins with K’ have in common?

They’re some of the most successful company jingles of all time! A jingle is a short, memorable slogan, set to music, used as a marketing tool by businesses to sell new products or services.

Have you thought about creating a jingle for your small business? If so, great idea—it can be an affordable and effective way to reach a new audience for your brand. However, there are a few things to know before you get started.

Ready to learn how to write a jingle for your company? If so, keep reading to find our top tips for getting started.

Know Your Product and Your Audience

At the end of the day, a jingle is a marketing tool first and foremost. So, when creating a jingle, it needs to both represent the product or service you’re selling and also appeal to your target demographic.

It helps to know your product inside and out. How does it work, what’s unique about it, and why do customers love it?

Ideally, you want your business jingle to highlight the product’s selling points, so you want to know everything about it before you start writing.

Next, think about your target demographic—who’s most likely to buy your product? Think about what type of jingle would appeal to them.

For example, a nostalgic, old-fashioned melody might appeal to an older audience, while a product for teens or kids should probably be more upbeat.

Come Up With a Catchy Slogan

Time to start thinking about your slogan, also known as the lyrics to your jingle. This can be one of the hardest parts, as the right slogan can make or break your jingle.

Feel free to brainstorm and just let your ideas flow—it may take some time, but the right slogan will come to you!

Remember that most listeners will tune out right away if they don’t like what they’re hearing, so your company jingle needs to be a real winner!

Or, businesses could even consider hosting a contest, asking staff to come up with ideas. Encouraging your staff to be creative can be a lot of fun—just be sure to offer a prize to the winner!

Set Your Slogan to Music

After you’ve decided on your slogan, it’s time to turn it into a jingle by setting it to music. If you’re not musically inclined, this part can also be challenging.

The easiest way to handle this part of the process is to work with a professional, like KillerSpots Agency. Using their expertise, they can help your business come up with a catchy jingle that customers will never forget!

You’ll want your jingle to suit your company’s personality as well, so that it aligns with your brand.

Include Repetition and Rhymes

If you have kids, one song you can probably never get out of your head is Baby Shark. Yes, it’s annoying, but it’s also unforgettable.

Why? It’s all about repetition! Songs like Baby Shark are deceptively simple, repeating the same phrases over and over, which helps them get stuck in your mind.

You can use repetition to your advantage when writing a jingle, repeating certain words or phrases to make it more memorable. Alliteration and rhyming are also good techniques when writing a jingle, helping your tune stand out.

It can help to keep a thesaurus nearby when writing, helping you find just the right words to include. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new though, as you want your jingle to be unique and to stand out.

Keep Things Simple

Another top tip for writing your jingle is to keep it simple, short, and snappy. Most jingles and radio ads don’t run for longer than thirty seconds, so you need to get to the point right away.

Aim to keep your jingle simple and short, as this will make it easier for customers to remember. Using short, concise language is also a good idea, making it simpler for listeners to understand and follow along with.

To end your jingle, many companies include a call to action. What do you want listeners to do after hearing your jingle?

This could include visiting your website, making a purchase, or attending your upcoming event.

Test Your Jingle

Before going live with your jingle, it helps to get some consumer feedback. Put together a small focus group of customers in your target demographic and see what they think.

If the focus group has any suggestions for improvement, take those on board before you start promoting the new jingle.

However, once you’re sure it’s ready, you can start including it in radio ads, tv commercials, or on your website and social media.

With These Tips, It’s Easy to Learn How to Write a Jingle Your Customers Will Love

If you’re curious to learn how to write a jingle, the guide above is sure to help you get started! A jingle is one of the most effective advertising tools available, so both small and large businesses can benefit.

Once your jingle is out in the world, you might find it increases brand awareness, generates new inquiries, and increases sales—you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to create a catchy jingle!

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