Thinking Through Your Internet Provider

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ExecutiveChronicles | Thinking Through Your Internet Provider | For businesses, small or enterprises, internet connectivity is key. From running services, managing business tasks, and connecting with employees and team members to security and marketing … It is all online!

Although the type of business internet service that you will need and what is sufficient will differ from business to business. However, one thing that stands true for all is: that you cannot afford downtime and your internet service needs to be a workhorse. 

Main uses of the internet and why your company needs the internet are connectivity, surveillance, automation, streaming, and communication. Automation is not only accessing your infrastructure, lights, computer, etc. remotely but also touches cloud computing. Many workforces rely on live collaboration tools – these need speed and major data caps. Surveillance and safety systems are now often reliant on internet connections to notify security forces and alarm premises.

Hopefully, it is becoming very clear why your choice of internet provider needs to be thought through!

The change in the internet

With the internet no longer only being used to access information from a computer. Internet providers and the products they provide have changed too.

Upcoming business service providers and solutions specialists have noticed the ever-increasing complexities of systems needed to function and compete in today’s business spheres. More and more businesses are popping up offering more than one kind of business solution. Payroll systems now offer tax and employee management integrations. Surveillance offers smart house or business automation. The beauty of this is that systems doing completely different things are now made to talk to other systems that might need information that the first system has. The result is that you no longer need to manually update, transfer, or integrate business services.

A company that has grouped services that run off each other together very well is Rev Business. They are an internet provider. The Internet is used to keep track of your business surveillance and alarms, so they figured, let us provide that too! Say hello to SmartProtect. Automation is what everyone wants, and so they went further and developed an app to manage it all remotely … What else runs on the internet? Well, streaming and entertainment, so they provide tv and viewing packages too. They cater to businesses that want separate Wi-Fi access like staff and guests and even supply phone lines.

Having all these communication channels within one internet provider agreement between you and them will make sure your systems integrate well. Another upside is that any problem experienced has one go-to company to deal with – no back and forth. It just makes things so, so simple!

But finding an internet provider for your business can be tricky because of all the options out there, so let us investigate what you need to consider and look at when making your decision.

Remember: Rather outsource services than start off your connectivity plan and set up on a shaky internet. Any service is only as good, fast, stable, and reliable as your main internet service!

Is your Internet providing value?

A great product is why you start looking at a company, but the value of a good, or the right, internet provider goes far beyond fiber, modems, or download speeds. The biggest value any B2B service provider can add lies in the intangible interactions, accessibilities, and assistance. 

Areas to look for an intangible value that directly affects your bottom line would be:


Independent customer reviews are one of the most valuable resources you have to vet a company. Not only will these show you where the common problems lie with the product. It will also enlighten you about the company’s attitude towards fixing problems and rectifying mistakes. Is the company only engaged until you sign over your money, or do they provide value beyond the internet and physical products?


It is a fast-paced world out there, and the speed of your business matters! How much it matters only you will know. Your internet must be fast enough to be productive and satisfy customers. But if you are not transferring massive files from design to production or having to carry a workforce of 50 people, wanting the fastest, bad-est bandwidth will most likely be an unnecessary spend. It is worth mentioning that shared or dedicated bandwidth also makes a big difference to the price tag and capabilities of your internet. Quality internet providers have options that will make their services more accessible to you.


Positivity is great, but if you are not realistic, you will find yourself without options when in trouble. Things go wrong; this is simply the nature of life. How you and your internet provider respond to things going wrong is what makes the difference. Support starts before you even buy the product, carries on through everything working perfectly, and matters the most when things go wrong. When the support is not there in the beginning, it will not be there during installation, delays, drop in connectivity, billing issues, or any other problems. Make sure your internet provider has easily accessible ways of calling for help and comes to the rescue quickly!

Contracts and Terms: 

Contracts and Terms are highly debated subjects as preference is everything here. Some may want a monthly contract that offers flexibility and requires no real commitment. Other business owners want internet installation to be the start of a long-lasting business relationship. Whichever your preferred way of doing things, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and, most importantly, how to get yourself out! Points to consider are cancellation of service, discount for longer termed contracts, and a very specific list of services you are entitled to for what price.

What internet should I be looking for?

This is where the all-in-one internet provider takes a massive stride ahead of the rest. They will ensure the kind of internet delivery they provide will integrate seamlessly into all their other products. Taking worry and nights of trying to find answers on google off your very full plate.

It is important to still know what it is you are being offered, so here is a quick overview of what is available currently:

Fiber Optic Service:

Fiber-optic internet was all the rave not too long ago. This service uses light to send data over very far distances at incredible speeds! It is not uncommon to see upload speeds in the 900 Mbps and download speeds around 800 Mbps. Upload speeds are important if your business or data storage is very much cloud-based. Do you work on live interactive software with teams remotely? Do you need instant responses on your system to what someone else is doing far away? This is upload speed-dependent. Download speeds will greatly influence if you keep up on that video call or whether your colleagues speak in staccato.

Fixed Wireless Access:

Our favorite word … Wi-Fi! In many suburbs and cities, infrastructure has not yet been adapted to accommodate fiber-optic internet services. Here Wi-Fi is the name of the game. Wireless internet solutions are also great if you need your internet connection to move with you. Often modems are battery-operated or can be plugged into any power outlet to provide you with your Wi-Fi. You also get varying types that can cater to different budgets, from LTE to 5G. 

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL):

The Dial-Up. It is important to know that DSL uses a dedicated phone line. In buildings where phone lines are not readily available anymore, the installation gets costly. With this being said, it is a very reliable mode of internet provision. Using regular phone lines does mean that the connection is somewhat distance sensitive. Perhaps this option is best for in-house solutions where the needs are short-distance but stable pulling power. DSL is definitely the workhorse!


Cable- a shared option. All users within the same geographical area of the cable grid will share the cable infrastructure. The cable method of transferring data was designed to provide an alternative to on-air broadcasting. It has its niche market, but the infrastructure has to be existing in your area.


This can be both the worst option or revolutionize your internet. Satellite internet provision is exactly as it sounds. Your internet is being beamed to you through the use of satellites. Depending on where you are and what usage your internet provider has over the satellites you can either receive amazing internet in the middle of nowhere or be stuck with slow service and low connectivity in the middle of a city. It is important to understand all the factors that can influence the internet service and speeds you might be getting on a day-to-day basis. These factors include the weather and not just the weather where you are, the weather wherever those satellites are matters too.

The internet is here to stay, and it will only become a larger part of our lives. Make the effort sooner rather than later to get your business connected – now get comfortable!