Think You’re An Introvert? 7 Ways To Be The Best You

Think You're An Introvert? 7 Ways To Be The Best You sleeping, night-owl, morning-person

Think You’re An Introvert? 7 Ways To Be The Best You | Being an introvert can sometimes feel complicated and a bit of a struggle. There are many well-versed misunderstandings about intros in society, and it’s easy to internalize these stereotypes until they become the norm, further perpetuating the cliche. Do you feel as though you’re not as loud as your counterparts? Not as confident around your peers? Maybe you seem like you’re the quietest one in the room and you struggle to put your thoughts and opinions across. Well scrap all of that negativity as being an introvert can be amazing, once you know how you can harness your valuable attributes. Read on to find out how! 

1. First, Find Out Your Personality Type

Introversion is a huge umbrella, covering many other personality subsets. First things first. Find out exactly what type of personality you are by using the Myers-Briggs test. Created in the 40s by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, the test will inform you of the specifics of your psyche so you can, in turn, manage yourself to live a more fulfilled life, based on your traits.

It’s compromised of four main attributes – introversion or extroversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. Take the test online for free and discover exactly what type of personality you are. Some introversion results are common such as ISFJ, whereas there are some less so. There is an INTP and INTJ rarity, so consider yourself lucky if you have a more unusual result! Once you’ve confirmed that you’re an introvert with the Myers Briggs test, then get ready to unleash your potential!

2. Next, Network

Introverts are not imagined to be likely candidates for great networking, however, their ability to listen with intention, makes them great thoughtful networkers. Resist the urge to feel overwhelmed in large groups by making a beeline for someone that you have a prior association with. If you’re in a business environment this could be a former colleague or LinkedIn connection. Allow them to gradually introduce you to others so that you can hold deeper conversations involving your natural active listening skills. You’ll have completed a successful networking event in no time, with a boost of confidence to boot!

3. Get Ready To Lead

Introverts make fantastic leaders. Triumphant alumni of the introvert club include Elon Musk, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Jordan. Rather than wanting to be the center of attention and a ‘look at me’ boss, you’re more focused on listening to the needs of others sharing your compassion, and working hard for the greater good, whether that’s in a business situation or in day-to-day life. Your power to quietly influence by making great connections means that you can motivate people and then the best of them.

4. Embrace Your Independence

It’s common for introverts to tend to shy away from others. This is not always a bad thing. If you are inclined to keep yourself to yourself, you have an inbuilt ability to be independent. This is a great attribute for several reasons. You may be less needy with partners and friends, you will be more likely to gain financial freedom without relying on others and you can keep yourself entertained without needing social interaction 24/7. By embracing your independence you’ll raise your self-esteem. 

5. Be A Great Friend

Introverts can forge strong friendships as they usually distance themselves from surface-level connections and look for something more meaningful. While you might not have 20 people on speed dial, the friendships you do have run deeper. 

6. Focus On The Details 

Usually highly orientated, introverts can focus on the small stuff to create a better bigger picture. Your ability to pay attention to your surroundings means that your focus on the little details makes your projects higher quality, your business and work life superior, and your conversations more in tune with people you’re speaking to. Your natural intuition will help grow your success in life. 

7. Nurture Your Creativity, 

With your attention to detail and comfort in being alone, you have the capacity to be hugely creative. Introverts can turn their gaze inwards, and understand their talents.  If writing, singing, or architecture is your favorite thing to do, spend your free time nurturing your strengths and turn and turn your passion project into a career that you will love. It will also give you more confidence and you can share your abilities with others who appreciate them. 

Are you an introvert? Let us know how you’ve harnessed your intro traits and become the best you!