Things You Need To Be Aware Of While Using Dahua 4mp Camera

Dahua 4mp Camera

Things You Need To Be Aware Of While Using Dahua 4mp Camera | A surveillance camera is needed to keep an eye on things. It can be a big deal if the Camera stops working. It is essential to find solutions as quickly as possible. There are many reasons for losing video signal on the Dahua 4mp Camera and the camera system. Let’s find out the answer to the most common problems with CCTV Cameras.

Sometimes the camera video flickers, and it shows a lined screen and monitor. The camera functionality often lacks, and there can be no video display due to loose connectivity. A CCTV system also loses connection, and there is no signal or picture. 

These are some common problems, and the reason behind those problems are as follows:

Low Bandwidth and a Weak Connection of WIFI
Video loss is often due to a weak connection of wifi, unstable network connections. It is maybe because the cameras are too far away from the router or there are too many physical barriers between the Camera and the router. Avoid any kind of physical barrier and choose the right channel to avoid video loss. Use a wifi range extender, move the Dahua 4mp Camera close to the router if possible.

Insufficient Power
If there is not enough power, then it can result in loss of video signal. The reasons can be a loose cable connection, one cable supplying many cameras, faulty power cables, or too long. Always double-check all the power connections, cable connectors to reduce the connection issue. Use shorter Ethernet cables to power cameras and also avoid using low-quality extension cords.

IR Night Vision
Faulty IR Night vision is one reason for the video loss of the Dahua 4mp Camera  It is a big hassle if the IR Night vision is not working. The cameras are mainly installed to keep an eye on things, especially at night. The reason can be the faulty IR Sensor. To fix this issue, check on settings on the DVR to make sure the IR night vision is on or not. Try using floodlights or IR Illuminators.

Hardware and Firmware
Video loss is also caused due to hardware and firmware problems. For fixing a firmware-related problem, you need to update the firmware. Repace the cameras with the new and quality system.

Signal Type
Sometimes, the cameras and DVR are not compatible, and some DVR cannot decode from older CCTV Cameras. To fix these problems, you need to consult the local technicians and use the same brand of DVR and Cameras. 

Cabling and Wires
A great risk of video loss is due to a hardwired camera that has twisted and bent cables. These can make the Camera nonfunctioning at times. In such cases, you should check every inch of the wiring, cuts, bends, and chews for the proper functioning of the Dahua 4mp Camera. You can also try replacing the cabling if necessary. Otherwise, you can also consult with professional technicians to get the job done with utmost perfection.

Final Thoughts

Setting the camera system and the CCTV camera is all about getting peace of mind. You can cut corners on a Low-quality camera to make sure that the system is working 24/7 for you. Good quality Dahua 4mp Camera and video surveillance provide long-term stability and reassurance. Installing cameras is to check on things, especially at night when the shops are closed. There are a lot of options out there that seem to be good money-saving ideas. If the system is not working, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new and quality system.