Things to Stop to Revolutionize Your Job Performance

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu advised “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” It means if you want change, you don’t need 180 degree turn right away. You just have to make a simple bold step to slowly achieve your goal.  If we analyze it, career satisfaction comes from good job performance due to better and healthy work attitudes.

What counters superb work attitude are the bad habits we develop because of exposure or convenience they bring.  Thus, if we want revolutionize our productivity and positive outlook about our work better to minimize these stuff in our daily living:
TV. Eliminating your TV time is optional as long as you don’t do binge-watching. Watching entertaining programs is possibly the instant relaxation you can get after a whole day of work. However if you become couch potato till midnight and every night, you should stop now.  Don’t let it be the reason that you always have lack of sleep, late at work, and steal your focus.  Your reality exists outside of that electronic box.

Chatting.   Traditional Yahoo Messenger may bid goodbye for now, but it doesn’t mean that real time exchanging of messages is dead. In fact, people just change and prefer other platforms like Skype, Hangout, and Facebook.  Though some also communicate through SMS, emails, and private messages; real-time chatting can be very engaging. The more you participate, the more you are engrossed in the conversation to the extent you already giving away your work time and energy. This is not only affect you while you’re doing it, chatting also makes you prone to misspellings  and disassociative effect. Apart from these, it takes minutes before you’ll have your concentration back for your work.


Mobile phone.  A lot have been said about the bad effects of using mobile phones while working. Aside from distracting you, it also pushes you to multitask that eventually drain your energy. Furthermore, it makes you inattentive of what’s happening in front of you.  Maybe you think that quick checks and browsing are small stuff, but for your colleagues and supervisors these mean you are disrespectful.

Break.  Enjoy office breaks, but don’t make those long and over breaks. Since those breaks are for your welfare, use them wisely and properly for your advantage. Your short time-outs from your work station can’t be something else like for power nap and meditational walk.