Things To Consider When Buying A Motorbike


Things To Consider When Buying A MotorbikeOwning a motorcycle certainly sounds really cool. Not to mention the fact it’s sometimes a lot quicker to use a motorcycle than to drive a car. If you have been thinking about getting a motorcycle for the first time, you need to be aware of certain things. Only then you will make the right decision.

1. The purpose of the motorbike

First of all, you need to stop and think about what type of traffic would this motorbike be most in. In other words – are you planning to use it for the urban commute or you want to use it for long-distance traveling? So, if you need a motorbike to get around the city, then Suzuki TU250 or even Honda Grom would be most suitable choices. On the other hand, Yamaha FJR1300 or BMW R1200RT are the best options for long trips. Different purposes require different types of motorbikes, so don’t get ahead of yourself here.

2. The right machine

Don’t think that riding a motorcycle is easy – you need to have a lot of experience to ride it really well. So, you need to make sure not to buy a motorbike that is too powerful for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to handle it properly and you could easily lose control over it and get seriously injured. So, if you don’t have a lot of experience, the best for you would be to buy a slower and weaker motorbike, which is usually cheaper, too. You can use it as a bike for beginners – get experienced with it, then you can move on to more powerful ones later. In short, you need to think of your own safety.

3. Take all expenses into account

A lot of people make a mistake when they simplify the costs they will have if they buy a motorbike. They only take the cost of the bike and the cost of fuel into account. However, a motorbike needs to be properly and regularly maintained and there is also the fact that something will have to be repaired from time to time. The smart thing to do is to choose a certain model and then do research online. Read the complaints of people who already own that model; find out what usually goes wrong with it and then call a mechanic and ask how much that particular repair costs. Another thing is that your appetite is going to get bigger in time. Once you taste the feeling of being on the road on your bike, you’ll start checking out sites like MXstore to find additional accessories and cool biking gear. And you will definitely ride the bike more than you have initially expected.

4. Mind the statistics

The fact is that a motorbike is less stable than a car, meaning there is more chance of an accident on the road. One research has shown that bikers get killed in a road accident 26 times more often than car drivers. This is probably due to the lack of protection measures like an airbag to some extent but it also has to something with the lack of cautiousness in some bikers. So, if you get a motorbike, you need to be ready to be a really careful biker.

5. Mind the winter

Don’t expect you’ll be able to ride your bike in the winter. Even though you can get gloves, a warm jacket and boots and buy winter tires, the cost and the trouble simply isn’t worth it. If you live in the region where the winter gets really rough, plan to use a different mean of transportation then.

Final comment

Owning a motorbike is a joyful experience. However, it will only be joyful if you take all the factors into consideration before making the next step.