The Truth about New Year Resolutions and Why it Seldom Work


By: Ana Margarita Olar|

There’s a saying; “Promises are made to be broken.” At this point, many New Year’s resolution is now forgotten.

It’s good to have New Year’s resolution, however, it seldom work for many. Below are the reasons why and what you should do about it:

new year resolution 1

You do it just because

Many people make lovely resolutions because other people expect them to do it. Did you?

You want to lose weight, stop smoking, or eat healthy because it is what the society expects you to do or change. How about you? Have you dug the reason why you should do these changes or life improvements?

The tendency is that you will write things that you should be doing rather than what you really wanted to do.

What you can do:

Forget what other people expect about you and list what you really want to do or achieve this year.

If losing weight is not appealing to you, you don’t have to do it (unless it already affects your health of course.) If you wanted to learn new sports like mixed martial arts or enroll in yoga class; it’s much better.

If you really like what you wrote on your resolution; you’ll find it compelling to do it. That’s how it works.

The timing is bad

Goals are best set when you feel calm and relaxed. But, New Year time for many is a season for fun, reunion, and endless party. It’s hard to find quiet time to really think and reflect.

What you can do:

Block a date on your calendar where you can have a relaxed state. A good idea is to have a morning walk and bring your planner with you.

Some people even spend five days on places that are far from the City to plan. Solitude helps you to spend quiet time and really reflect on how you spend the last year and how you would like to spend the coming year.

This way, you’ll be able to decide and create a concrete plan for the year.

Having new goals and writing them down is great. It makes your path clearer and your success actionable. Consider these tips when writing New Year’s resolution.