The Top Most Aircraft Repair Tools

The Top Most Aircraft Repair Tools | The Top Most Aircraft Repair Tools | An aircraft is a vital aspect of the aviation industry, and the industry thrives on a reliable and technically sound aircraft to carry the passengers, crew, and cargo. In order to leave no room for any mistakes, thousands of aircraft mechanics and technicians are hired by the aviation industry. These mechanics and technicians use special aircraft repair tools for the repair and maintenance of aircraft. Even a minor mistake on their part can jeopardize the life of the passengers and crew members. The condition of the aircraft depends on the knowledge and experience of their mechanics and technicians who work with only the best and most accurate aircraft repair and maintenance tools. So, what are the commonly used aircraft repair tools? Read on to learn more.

The Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Tools:

Aircraft repair and maintenance need special tools and advanced equipment. Aircraft mechanics need a general mechanical aptitude and particular skills on how to use aircraft repair tools effectively. Those specialized tools are needed to perform specific repairs and precise tasks. Those tools and other machines are located in a hangar where the mechanics and technicians work.

A-List of important Aircraft Repair Tools:

  • Speed Handle: There is a lot of work to be done within a short period, and there is no time to move the aircraft. This is where the speed handle steps in and allows technicians to work quickly. In fact, this is one of the most advanced aircraft repair tools. The technicians can spin quickly with the help of the long screw with one hand and can repair a high-end engine with hundreds and thousands of screws with the help of a speed handle.
  • Vibration Meter: Another important tool is the A vibration Meter is used to analyze the vibration while the aircraft is in the air and keeps it safe. The pilots rely on the vibration meter to understand the magnitude of the vibrations and act accordingly. Every aircraft must have a reliable vibration meter for its safety and integrity.
  • Torque Wrench: Most screws and fasteners on the rotor of the aircraft need specific torque, and that is possible only with the help of the torque wrench. The usual spanners are not very effective at the task, so the aircraft technicians rely on the torque wrench to set various torque amounts for the tightening of a nut. This is a very useful and effective tool for the maintenance and repair of an aircraft.
  • Mirrors: You might just brush away those mirrors, but they are very essential repair tools. At times, it is not possible for the technicians to look at some critical parts directly and must use mirrors to check them out. Hence, it is a must to have some mirrors as part of the essential repair and maintenance kit.
  • Safety Wire Pliers: The safety wire pliers ensure that there is no loose nut and bolt on the aircraft. They use the safety wire pliers for tightening the nuts and bolts and form huge and strong braids with the large aluminium wires and with the right torque.
  • Magnet: Small metallic parts and tools can cause disastrous failures if you leave them behind in the assemblies or engines of the aircraft. This is where those long and extendable magnets come in handy and are used to retrieve any minute and stray metallic items from difficult to access locations within the aircraft.


They use all the above tools for its maintenance. To ensure the safety of the passengers, crew, and cargo always choose high quality aircraft repair tools