The Top Four Most Important Ways to Increase a Building’s Safety & Security

The Top Four Most Important Ways to Increase a Building’s Safety & Security 5 Signs You're Being Discriminated Against at Workoffice-workers
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ExecutiveChronicles | The Top Four Most Important Ways to Increase a Building’s Safety & Security | As the person or indeed, the company, responsible for the security of a commercial or private building throughout the day and the night, you’ll naturally always be looking for ways to tighten your security parameters and ensure safety for everyone across the entire site.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn the top four most important ways to increase a building’s safety and security for 2023 and beyond. 

  • Involve Residents & Renters Themselves

First and foremost, even though it’s your responsibility to ensure the building is secure at night, keeping your residents and/or renters informed of any changes you make, or indeed are instructed to make, to your policies and procedures will surely help. 

Furthermore, as prevention is a much better solution than having to fix an issue, encouraging the last person to leave the building on the resident or renter side to complete a short, yet effective checklist around the perimeter would be a huge help. 

Just as a community is safer when every member is looking out for each other, so too is a commercial property. 

  • Clearly Mark All Security Vans & Uniforms 

A visible presence in and around the building you’re tasked with protecting is another hugely important factor, and as such, everything should be clearly marked, from the uniforms your employees wear to the security vehicles you use. 

Having amber flashing lights when moving in and around the site, especially at night, is another simple, yet effective way of making your presence known and will serve the dual purpose of making the building owners feel reassured and also warding off any potential intruders onsite. 

  • Invest in Innovative Cybersecurity Measures 

These days, intruders and potential thieves aren’t just able to access a property through physical means of doors and windows. Cybersecurity is now becoming of the utmost priority for sites throughout the United States and beyond. 

This is why the next suggestion in this article is focused on the prevention of online hackers and viruses from infiltrating the security systems in and around the building, as well as the information and classified data owned by the companies who rent all or part of the property. 

The creation and implementation of an innovative cybersecurity plan will heighten the safety level of your building, as well as serve to substantially strengthen security too. 

  • Regular Reviews of the Risks

Risk assessments are now, as they should be, a part of every company’s business model.

However, when considering how to strengthen the security and safety of an entire site, especially one that may contain more than one property, it isn’t enough to simply conduct a “one size fits all” risk assessment

Instead, you should be regularly conducting thorough walkarounds of the entire site, and as you are doing them, you should be simultaneously identifying any new or potential risks, as well as ensuring that the risks and hazards that have already been dealt with are still under control.