The Top Bathroom Trends For 2023: What You Should Know

The Top Bathroom Trends For 2023: What You Should Know
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ExecutiveChronicles | The Top Bathroom Trends For 2023: What You Should Know | As we say goodbye to 2022, if you made a New Year resolution to renovate your bathroom, you have come to the right place. Here’s an article that takes a look at the popular bathroom trends that you will see in 2023.

  • Natural Decor Bathroom – Olive green & ivory, with dark cork flooring and a few indoor plants results in a nice mix of old and new. There will be olive green ceramic tiles with ivory marble. Stone cladding comes in many finishes and can be used to create luxurious bathroom spaces. With chic fixtures, fittings and accessories, the natural ambience is contagious.
  • Country Cottage Bathroom – A combination of Swedish Pine and brass is ideal if you wish to create a contemporary country bathroom. With this style, you’ll see lots of dried grass and stalks of wheat in rattan baskets. Order a long oval ceramic bath from a bath store Surrey or your area trusts, and you can make that a central feature, with the base covered with decorative aggregate. Go for cork flooring and pale blue ceramic tiles on the walls.
  • Mirrored Metallic – A futuristic look works well in a modern home. You will be seeing a lot of smoke mirror tiles, with anodised aluminium or stainless-steel and white ceramic. A walk-in digital shower makes for the best feature and if any bathroom should forego a bath, this would be it. Luxury vinyl flooring is the way to go. If you would like some help with your bathroom design, visit your local bathroom showroom and let the professionals help, plus they have top brands of all bathroom appliances and furniture.
  • Peach & Beige – Throw in some fluffy white towels on peach walls paired with a beige cork floor, and you have a refreshing space. You’ll be seeing this theme with a corner shower and long oval tub, with dried grass. There are millions of colours and a decent paint shop can mix any shade you desire. Talk to the bathroom designers Bracknell or your stylish neighbors trust and they can set you right on colour combinations. Cork is the flooring of choice for this design and some flowers complete the look.
  • Seaside Blue – Big windows allow the light to enter and sea-spray blue ceramic tiles blend well with white. Shades of blue-green-teal can be blended into the space, with some dried wheat sitting in a basket and pine storage units that offer a homely look.
  • Art Deco – If you love geometrics and rich colour, why not create a 1920’s bathroom with a stand-alone period bath? Black and white ceramics and tiled flooring sets the scene, with a couple of Victorian wall lamps and a stylish vanity. An Art Deco mirror sits above the vanity, with ceramics in abundance. Google Images can give you some accessory inspiration.

There are so many bathroom designs out there and whether you are looking for an antique or futurist look, head to your local bathroom showroom where you can see the best brands in a real-life setting. If you are going for a self-build, you’ll have some extra cash to spend on quality items and all of the above designs are in for 2023.