The Top 5 General Skills That Apply to Every Job

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Image: | The Top 5 General Skills That Apply to Every Job | There are hundreds of different jobs on the market and roles that need to be fulfilled. For many, you need a specific skill set, a result of training and experience. Yet, despite the huge differences between a physicist and a mechanic or store worker, there are 5 general skills that are relevant to every job.

Knowing what these are will help you to interview quickly and fairly, ensuring you choose the right person for the job and improve the morale and productivity in your business.

These skills are essential whether you’re looking for a traditional employee or are hoping to find someone through a reputable labor hire agency.


  • Communication


It’s impossible to work with anyone else without communicating with them. Even if you’re the sole employee you’ll need to communicate with your customer and potential suppliers.

The bottom line that being able to effectively communicate is essential if you want to succeed at anything in life. Every applicant for a job needs to be able to demonstrate effective communication skills.


  • Team Player


It’s rare for there to be just one player and even if there is, they’ll need to communicate with their boss. While there are times when being able to use their own judgment is the best approach, there will also be moments when teamwork is essential.

Teamwork allows people to find new ways of doing things and to help each other achieve a common goal. Becoming an effective team ensures your productivity and will help with the success of the business.  


  • Punctuality


It’s hard to think of any job where punctuality isn’t an issue. Even Hollywood stars who are paid millions need to be on their set at the right time. This is a basic skill that can be tested at the interview stage, and proved by arriving on time.

Employees that are incapable of being punctual cannot be relied on to get a job done or create the right image for the business. It’s an essential general labor skill. 


  • Organized


It may seem like a production line worker doesn’t need a huge amount of organizational skills. After all, their role is to undertake the same exercise over and over again to ensure production continues smoothly.

But, if they are not organized they won’t be able to maintain the pace, stay focused, and spot opportunities to improve the process. 

Instead of potentially improving productivity, an unorganized employee can hinder the process and cost you money. It doesn’t matter what role there in, they need to have an organized approach to be productive. 


  • Ability to Solve Problems 


Finally, any employee should have the ability to solve a problem. There are bound to be some that arise during the course of their work. As the person with the most knowledge of the role, it makes sense that they will have a viable solution. 

It’s even possible that the solution can improve productivity. Without problem-solving skills, the production process will just stop and involve a lot more time, effort, and funds to resolve. 

This also ties in neatly with the importance of teamwork as the team shouldn’t just be able to come up with a viable solution, they should have the best solution.

If you’re looking for staff, make sure they have these 5 qualities.