The Top 5 Employee’s Mistakes that Frustrate Managers


By Ana Margarita Olar

There are top 5 major mistakes that can give managers the feeling of frustration about handling people:

Tardiness and Absences

“Sorry boss, I have a terrible headache!” “The traffic is worst today!” “Ouch! I have a watery stool this morning!” Chronic tardiness is maybe one of the most painful scenes for managers. Being on time represents professionalism and respect. When an employee always comes late or is always absent without valid reason; you should handle it with disciplinary actions.


Most managers hate to manage whiners and negative people. These employees almost always say: “It’s not my job Sir.” Or “My salary is not as high as yours Sir; I don’t have to worry about that problem.” There are employees who can spend the whole day complaining about everything. The air conditioner is too cold, the uniform is not that fashionable, and the computers are not up to date. They are just busy doing nothing. They spread the negative talk all around the workplace.


Gossipers are disruptive and often create office chaos. Most of the stories they are telling can steal important working hours that can hinder a team to reach goals. Because of gossipers, you will often see yourself sitting with two employees on a high drama. They waste office time by talking about personal lives all day every day.


Like gossipers, loafers love to waste working time too. Yes, they can waste it through gossips. Sometimes, you just see them staring at the computer but doing nothing too. They spend time clicking things online, visiting the pantry, or listening to music or just do anything to finish the 8-hour working time.

Lack of Respect

Managers never want to feel by-passed from people who do not follow the chain of command. It is often referred to as passive- aggressive obedience. They are combative in nature and feel that they have more authority or have more skills and experiences.


Deception in the office can happen in as simple as not documenting the real time spent on a job. Lying can ruin someone’s integrity. The old passage said: When you lie you, you die. It is true and it happens in many offices. Lying can start small. But, like fire, it can bring an organization down.